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Buttons aren’t just for clothing anymore…

Especially cool old Buttons!  

I pulled out my small collection the other day when I wanted to snazz up a few other things.

And here is how it went!

The below were just plain old round colored cardboard boxes.

From Button Up


So easy…old buttons and some burlap!

From Button Up

Oh, and Mod Podge, gotta love the Mod Podge!

Wait, and some glue!

I used the Modge Podge to adhere the burlap and after that was dry, I glued on the buttons.

From Button Up

Sassy & Brassy!

From Button Up

Golden Girls!

They were so cute, I did not stop there!

From Button Up

This nice piece of pottery had the word “Utensils” across the front.

Why? I mean, if the utensils were in it, couldn’t you tell what was in it?

So, I got rid of it and prettied it up with some vintage white buttons!

From Button Up

I really like how it came out!

Can’t wait to use it now!

Any button will do…glue it on, sew it on, or even use wire for jewelry…



It’s official now…


Here are some of our most recent finds.

Mind you, most of these photos are taken after I rubbed, shined, & scrubbed!

To get’em cheap, you gotta get dirty!

From Mid-Century Finds

Oh, yes we did!

Although I love the colors of the material on the stool, I am thinking we just may have to change it! And folks, the pillow is Jim’s pick. That is his favorite color after all!   The book rack and snack trays make everything all the better!

From Mid-Century Finds

I am not sure if this is a stool or a table, but how can you not love those curves and swirls?

From Mid-Century Finds

Poker anyone?

From Mid-Century Finds

No poker could be had without hip turquoise cocktail glasses and bowls for chips and snacks!

From Mid-Century Finds

And we could use this octagonal beauty for a card game or two!

The above has not yet been spit shined, as I have do not own my secret spit shining sauce in that color…yet!

Okay, it is not a secret, I will shout it out! I love Howard’s Restor-A-Finish !

Here’s a cutie to look at in the meanwhile!

From Mid-Century Finds

Need some light and a place to put your cocktail while you lay out a flush? Use this handy lamp / triangle table!

For those non-card playing party goers, we have this nice conversation area full of lovelies!

From Mid-Century Finds

We prefer wood, but could not pass up these chrome numbers for the price offered!

Already shined up, but with some new material, they will soon be everyone’s favorite!

And anything looks better next too a black metal magazine rack and a “I dream of Jeanie” table lamp!

In love with our new Mid-Century Danish Modern chair…look at those lines on that baby!

From Mid-Century Finds

One of my favorite finds…the lamp shade!

Ooh, the chicken scratch of it all just makes me smile.

From Mid-Century Finds

 I got the lamp with a different shade…

But I had to bring the couple together and now they will live happily ever after!

From Mid-Century Finds

Old kitchen chairs and a vintage doctor stool, with new colors, may make great seating at our low kitchen peninsula!

I could not pass this one up for only $2.00!

From Mid-Century Finds

If I do not use it as is, I have a gold-fish scale wall art project in mind for that frame and maybe a couple of smaller pieces from the art!

But this little cutie will fit in nicely.

From Mid-Century Finds

My husband is a sap for water / boat scenes!

From Mid-Century Finds

Although we have the nice turquoise ones above, these small handfuls of color will fit nicely in that mid-century bar…uh…when we finally find it!

Speaking of glass…

From Mid-Century Finds

My husband being sensible, found some ceiling light fixtures, that just may fit in!

As a gift, I found this beauty for my Jim!

From Mid-Century Finds

No Picasso’s in our finds, but we like them!

So…”Where do we find them?” You ask.

We found most of these pieces in a great little town in the middle of nowhere, Florida. Arcadia has a cute little downtown that consists of 4 blocks and a million antique stores. Once a month they have an Antique Sidewalk Sale!

We found some smalls for great deals on the sidewalks, but hit the mother lode when we walked into the The Opera House!

If you are into history, antiques from any era or style, or even ghosts, Arcadia and The Opera House are must see!

We will be back for sure! Okay, we need to pick up a bigger piece…but since a full day there did not get us through all the stores, I think more shopping will happen.

Some of those pieces are from thrift stores! Thrift stores are my heart and soul! Most antique stores are too dear for my pockets, so I hunt thrifts often. And don’t forget to find the Goodwill Clearance stores! Chairs for $3.00…what the what?


Our next adventure is a couple of mid-century auctions!

Wish us luck!


Please Visit and Shop if you are so inclined at:  Our Own Big World!


I would be a fabric designer???

And you can be one too!

This awesome website makes it easy peasy!

I just found out they do wallpapers too!

How cool is that…designing your own wallpaper for your living room or fabric for a dress?

Here is what I came up with using photos of stuff, including my art.

From My Fabric Designs!

You ou can edit and manipulate  the original coloring too!

The options are limitless, still so excited about this new find!

I would never pay $5.00 for such small pieces of fabric, but since I designed them, of course I did!

But get this…once you do that, you can get paid for anyone buying your design!  Cool, huh?

Not sure if I am going to allow that or not, but it is an option!

My favorite, so far:

From My Fabric Designs!

Swirly Love!

But then again, there is this one:

From My Fabric Designs!

Mid-Century O’Clock!

Okay Okay, you get the point, I luuurve my designs!

And one day they will be Wall Art!

First, a warning…I was stuck in the outskirts of nowhere waiting for our car to get a trailer hitch put on it.

So when stuck for two hours, what do you do….the below!

From My Fabric Designs!

Mind you, this is just a sample of what I will do on my dining room wall.  

Ha, although I do like the rough background this green sidewalk makes!

I have collected hoops of all sizes, many more than shown in these photos.

From My Fabric Designs!

You will notice, I have not cut the material yet either!  Some tucks would just not stay long enough for the photo!

From My Fabric Designs!

I love circles!

From My Fabric Designs!

Now, I am thinking of making a design for our bedroom headboard!  

Like I said, the options are limitless!  

Try it out, you will love it!


Okay, I love Mary Catherine Gallagher…


I love starburst mirror decor pieces too!

But after looking the at cost of new ones and even vintage ones,  I got discouraged!

Pinterest to the rescue, especially after I saw how easy it was to make (ha)!

Here is my attempt and how I did it!

Supplies needed:

From Starburst Mirror Project!

More supplies:

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Measuring and Gluing!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Pre-final touches…

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Prep for painting!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

I know silver is popular right now, but the antique versions are in gold, which will go better in our entry way!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Final Product!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Not bad, eh?
Even up close!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Please click on any of the photos, to get to the photo album and to find out some extra details on how I did it!

Okay, now I have to be truthful!

After seeing a starburst mirror in every remodel/revamp/decor TV show, I am thinking it may be over done!

So I may change this:

From Mid-Century Finds

Into this:

I would take out the art work from the above gold frame and use it for something else!
It is signed art after all…even if I got the WHOLE piece for only $2.00 at an auction!

What do you think…Gold Star Burst for front entry way or Gold Fish Scales?


I have been using food jars to store my crafting and arts bit and pieces….

but could no longer handle the glass not being clear and the branding on the tops!


From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I went crazy with the yellow, Yes…

But yellow IS awesome!

That was after I soaked and removed the labels and then used “Goof Off” to take off any date stamps and left over label glue!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I know the trend is to paint the item glued on top too…

But I like the my toppers in the NUDE!

From Jars & Swirly Love Pieceof my toppers have meaning to me too!

And some of the toppers even have meaning to me!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

Okay, just one!  

Like the green VW Bug is a gift I gave my husband as a joke, because we play “Slug Bug” all the time!

Note: We only do old bugs & buses…other wise we would be too bruised!

But I do have to say I LOVE the doll hands….funky in a creepy way!


I am keeping 3 of them, and I decided to put the two with old knobs in it in my shopito to see if I can sell some old inventory that I haven’t used! Paint it, shine, put it in a fun bottle…and maybe it will sell!


The below piece I did not dedicate a whole post to because I did not photograph it along the way.

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

It all stemmed from making the “flowers” for a wreath I made in a previous post.

Click below to see my “How To!” post!

Upcycle Wreath!

From How To – Wreath

Cutting, folding and rolling magazine paper flowers takes a lot of time!

From How To – Wreath

But the work was well worth it because…

I love with swirly, whirley, twirly look to them!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I had a wood photo piece that  needed a punch of texture…

So, added felt & magazine paper loves on it!

Completing my Swirly, Twirly, Whirley Bundle of Fun!

Click below if you want to see my Wood Photo “How To!”

Photo on Wood Projects

Now, to my shopito to add, move around, and hopefully sell the hell out of…

My Old Things, Cool Stuffs, Funky Art, Clever Crafts, Upcycle Pieces, and of course, Loverly Antiques!


I asked for hints for a handmade gift, and I got Big Sur and the number 7!


I racked my mind and kept my eyes out for 7’s and anything Big Sur (Hello, I live in Florida, Big Sur is in California)!

I found it hard to find decorative numbers, if it is not for the front of your house.   So when I found a big black ceramic 7 I had to grab it.

It sat around for quite awhile trying to motivate me to do something with it.  Nothing was coming to mind!

Then at a flea market, my husband came across a 1966 arial map of mid-coastal California! Yes, with Big Sur smack dab in the middle!

I grabbed it!

So, I had the 7 and the map…what to do?  I went to my map pinterest board to see what I could find!

Yippy, I saw a map used as a mat in a frame!  How could I have forgotten about that?


First, the things you will need:

–  Map

– Frame

– Mat (you can either make your own or not even use one)

– Scissors / X-Acto knife

– Graphics & Printer

Now lets Mat Our Map!

From Old Map Framed

1)  Cut the part of map you want to use.

Hint: If there is a special place…put it in a corner of the mat.

From Old Map Framed

2) This is how I incorporated the 7 into the piece!

I found different graphics of 7s and then printed them out on sample paper to make sure they got on the right spots of the map. Then I printed them out on the map.

From Old Map Framed

3) Once you have your map ready, cut the center out.

Hint: Just cut an “X” from corner to corner and you can just bend back the pieces.

This is my sample map and I cut the edges off to fit in the frame better. But the final map I used had very thin paper, so I just folded the pieces over.

I do not like to completely cut/destroy things in case the person buying or receiving my stuff, can change it around if they like.

From Old Map Framed

4) Firmly fold down the map around the mat.

I did not glue it down, because the frame would securely hold it in.

From Old Map Framed

5) And then you are done!

I ended with two of them, since I did a “practice” run first!

The practice one is done with scrapbook paper I got on sale for 25 Cents! I hope someone else likes the number 7!

From Old Map Framed


I love how there is a circle about Big Sur too!

From Old Map Framed

And now you have a “something special” frame!

We wish the recipients of this frame the happiest life together!

By the way, I wrote a special date on the back of the number 7 for them!

Sometimes I buy things that I have to take apart to make  better!

This is a story about a cute little metal basket with some fake flowers stuck inside it.

From Tear Down & Build Up Craft

I freed the basket!

And made something from the removed “stuff!”

From Tear Down & Build Up Craft

I love decorative balls, but I have never made one for myself.

So, to add this “mossy” one to my collection, that I made, is quite exciting!

From Tear Down & Build Up Craft

And now, how cute is this metal wire basket?

From Tear Down & Build Up Craft

And I will use the flowers for displaying my “book” vases!

For 75 Cents, I got a basket, a ball, and extra flowers to boot!


I have to admit, I AM a Serial Creator.

In my past, I have killed off many mediums, and then moved on to the next!

Sometimes bringing back old haunts because…you know…they always return to the scene of the crime!

Here is The Life Cycle of This Serial Creator.

Pre-High School: Anything the Art Teacher Would Make Me Do!

From My History of Creating

6th Grade: Block Print (Did the carving, water colors and printing!)

High School: Writing Poetry & Photography

From My History of Creating

10th Grade:  For Photography Class!

From My History of Creating

12th Grade:  My Nationwide Winning Photo for the “Year of the Disabled” Photo Contest.

I worked with this girl at McDonald’s…she was a friend that was born with just part her arm.  I still admire her!

College: Photography & Writing “Witty” Letters to the Editor of the School Paper.

From My History of Creating

A couple of my letters to the Radford University Newspaper’s Editor.  I was so sassy!

I wish I could still write that neat!

20’s: Making Greeting Cards (When the Name “My Own Little World” was created), & Rock Jewelry.

From My History of Creating

One of a series of the “Hill” themed birthday cards. The only sample of them that I have left…because I actually gave them to people after making them! I have a person in mind for this particular “Vintage” card of mine.

From Safety Pins & Pendants

My Rock Jewelry. I actually still wear these! Timeless Beauty!

30’s: Writing Children’s Stories, Making Greeting cards, & Creating Small Odd Gifties.

From My History of Creating

Bookmarks that I thought were awesome…not so much now.

You should have seen the ugly Christmas Ornaments I made in the same design!


Sorry friends and family for that “creative” period of mine!

But I still love the below creative flow!

From My History of Creating

A variety of my Christmas Cards!

There is The “Gangsta’ Santa” one , The “Safe Sex Christmas Tree” one (It says “Keep Your Christmas Bright…Wrap It Tight”), The “Reindeer Got Ran Over by a Grandma” One, and of course, The “Dancing On Top Of Santa” one!          Good times!

Now, my one and only published piece!  And mind you, I got paid for it too!

Okay, I wrote on the internet too, but in the writing world, it is just not the same!

Click and Read, My Friends, Click and Read:

Volunteer, Learn a Language Combine Language Study and Volunteer Work in Guatemala

Early 40’s: Writing.

From The Books I Made
From The Books I Made

Although, I just made these actual books, I wrote the stories in my early 40’s for a Children’s Clothing Line…that never went into the book business. But they said they liked them, they really did! Now, they are just for my 7-year-old twin nieces!

Mid 40’s: Blog Writing, Photography & Videography.

Examples of this are all wrapped up neatly in “Vintage” HenderBalz Blog Posts!

Click and Browse, my friends, Click and Browse:

HenderBalz Blog: El Salvador Story Time

Later Mid 40’s (ahem…NOW): Making of Things, Photography, Writing, & Videography.

Again, the HenderBalz Blog, says it best!

Check it out, My Friends, Check it out:

My Own Little World Shopito!

I attack with gusto, even to the point of trying to sell my work, and then I give up…whether I have done well or not.






From How To – Wreath



– Toilet Paper and/or Paper Towel Rolls (lots of them)
– Old Magazines
– Glue Gun
– Scissors
– Spray Paint
– A paper plate


From How To – Wreath


Toilet Paper rolls can be cut into 5 pieces. They do not need to be perfect or the exact same size.

The paper I buy seems to stick to the roll at the end, and taking it off is the hardest part of the whole thing!


From How To – Wreath

Start to lay pieces around the plate.

From How To – Wreath

Get your design down.

From How To – Wreath


From How To – Wreath


From How To – Wreath

Tear out pages of magazines, I go for the most colorful. I cut each page into 3 strips.


From How To – Wreath

Fold them in the width that you would like your flower to be. Honestly, they do not need to be the same size…I just fold them up, and used the glue gun to keep the edges down. I have done it without gluing them down…saves some time.


From How To – Wreath

Just start rolling. I glue down the last edge of a strip and then the beginning of the next edge strip. And you can make them as big or as small as you want!

From How To – Wreath


From How To – Wreath

Do not glue yet!


From How To – Wreath

I picked yellow, which worked well on that white paper, but did not come out that yellow on the brown paper rolls!
So pick your color wisely, or test it. Or you can just go plain…I have another piece hanging in my living room with no color!

From How To – Wreath

Let Dry!


From How To – Wreath


You made yourself a Garbage Wreath! Made art and saved stuff from the landfill!

I have to say it is way easier than Basket Weaving 101 !

Just a bit of background. I have been known to write a children’s book or two. They just sit in the wonder world that is called “My Computer.” I decided to give two to my twin nieces for their upcoming 7th birthday. And decided to have wrap them up in book form to boot

This is a double first, my first hand at making a book and my first “How To” for this blog!

From The Books I Made

My First Book!

I have to be honest, my “artwork” is not up to par since this was my first book, I did not spend a lot of time on it in case they did not come out good at all. I feel my books came out just okay, but I am still proud of them and my nieces will get them as is and they will like them, damnit!

BUT in this post I will give you suggestions on how to make yours better!

– Old book (for the cover)
– A story (or not, if you want to make a blank journal)
– Double Stick Fusible Tape (Used to adhere pages together).
– Craft paper (or any kind paper)
– Art supplies (for any decorations on your pages)
– Mod Podge
– Glue gun (Used to adhere the fused pages to the cover binding)
– Scissors
– An iron (for fusible tape)

Ready, Set, Book Make!

1) Detach bound pages from cover! I used X-Acto Knife and cut along where the pages are bound to the cover.


I love the inside of this book, can’t believe I am covering it up.  And by the way…this is the first book I have ever damaged!  It was hard, but I got over it!

2) Size and cut pages! I made mine double size and then fold them over (less fusing pages together later).

3) Folding paper in half for true page size. Press hard on the fold. I used the handle part of the scissors to do so.

*IMPORTANT* Set aside two of the folded non-fused together pages, to help attach your bound pages to the front and back covers of your book cover.


Ha, I am sure this photo is really helping you get the point!

4) Fuse/adhere folded pages together.


I put the “tape” on one folded page and then lined up the next page carefully (so the pages are all even) on top. I then ironed them together under some light cotton material. Once I got them all fused together, I then fused the sets of two folded pages together. I kept on doing this until all my pages were fused together. My books were only around 25 pages, if you are not counting both sides. I would imagine if you had a 100 page book, the ironing would not work anymore which leads me to give you other options on adhering.

– Glue gun
– Other strong glues made for paper
– Sewing
– Punching holes and tying the pages together
– Grommets


Search for the above options on the internet, and I am sure you will find how do it! I was thinking about sewing my pages together, but found the fusible tape in my sewing box! So, I went for it. And it worked!

5) Put any artwork on your pages. I Mod Podge’d my paper pieces, and I am not sure if I like it that well.


I may use it again, by just putting the Mod Podge on the back of the paper and not over the top of it. Any other glue for paper would work well I am sure.


Here it is still wet, but you get the point. Oh, I started off with glossy Mod Podge and moved to Matte very quickly!

Below are some examples my “art” around the graphics.

From The Books I Made

From The Books I Made

From The Books I Made

You need to let everything dry very well. Another problem with using Mod Podge over most of the page, in any kind of humid air, the pages may stick together just a bit.

6) Adhering the bound pages to the cover!  Sorry, no photo, but I smothered glue gun glue in the binding center part of the cover and on the bound edges of the pages.  I held them together tightly until the glue was completely dry. This, so far, has worked well for me. But I will let you know later, how long they stand up to 7 year olds!

7)  Adhere your 2 left over pages to the front and back of the book cover.

See #3 if you do not have these set aside pages!

From The Books I Made

The tricky part of this is making sure the paper page is the exact right size of the inside cover.   If you notice in the above photo, I did not do that, but then I used extra strips of paper to cover the edges.  As you can see, that looks okay!

Since I do not have  photos, I hope you understand how I describe it!

I Mod Podge’d the back of the right side of the extra folded page to the first page of the bound pages.  Then after it dried, I attached the appropriate side to the inside of the front cover.  This worked okay, but with Mod Podge you may get some wrinkle.  Maybe some spray glue might work better, but it has to be a strong glue as it is helping to keep your pages in the book!

I made the mistake of again putting Mod Podge on both sides of the paper and it just does not look that great! Don’t do it!


Congratulations, you made a book!

From The Books I Made

I put the names of my stories on the front on the books!  So the girls know they are not going to read books called “Circus” and “Harper Women.”

Hope you enjoyed this post.

I enjoyed making these books even though they did not come out perfect!

And you will never see me doing this for my 120 page children’s adventure/mystery novel!


Me in the “Craft Office” finishing up the book presents!