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What Do you Do When you Have to Move…

and Need to Downsize Tons?

From RedTable

And No One Wants to Buy your Hoopty 50’s Style Hill Billy Front Porch Picnic Table?

From RedTable

You Fix it Up and Five it to a Young Adult for her First Apartment!

But First, I Had to Access the Situation…

From RedTable

The Top Was Good!


From RedTable

The Trim was Not!

From RedTable

Nor Were a Couple of the Legs!

So I Started with…

From RedTable

Removing All the Trim.

And Then I had to Figure out What to Put There?

From RedTable

But Before that… I Painted all the Wood White.

From RedTable

Looking Good!

Oh Boy, I got Creative with the Trim!

From RedTable

Oh, Yes I Did!

From RedTable

After I Sampled it!

From RedTable

And Decided it Would Work Perfectly!

From RedTable

And It Did!

From RedTable

Around the Corners…

From RedTable

And Close Up!

From RedTable

The Drawer Even Got Purdied-Up!

From RedTable

Tea Time!

From RedTable

It is So Cute, it is Making the Hill Billy Front Porch Look even More Hoopty!

From RedTable

It Looks So Good Now…

You Forgot about the Legs!

From RedTable

Although I just painted them, you could use a wood putty to re-shape them.

Next Time…

When I Have More Time and Less to Do.

Like Pack. Sigh.

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Life is Too Short to Just Put Paintings on Our Walls…

From MyHomeDecor

Or Books on Our Shelves.

(You Can find this wall art at Vintage Gas Stove Grates)

From Unusual Decor

(You can find this Cooper’s Hoop Driver Folk Art at Folk Art Tools)

How About Books On the Walls…

From Craft Ideas From PR!

This Book Cover Art Works for Me!

(Found in a cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico!)

And this So Very Beautiful Thing…

From Unusual Decor

Would Match This Cool Industrial Wheel Folk Art Rather Well!

(The Above Piece Could be Found at Honey Blossom Studio)

From Unusual Decor

How cool is that?

(Found at a MA Auction)

And how about Blossoms that Bloom all year-long?

From BrassFlowers

Rusted Railroad Screw Spikes and Up-cycled Vintage Brass Curtain Tie-backs make an Awesome Bouquet!

And for more color…

From Unusual Decor

How about this Bundle of Fun up-cycled colored metal!

(This piece can be found at Industrial Bloom )

And speaking of color…

From Unusual Decor

How about a mini croquet set to snazz things up a bit?

(This piece can be found at MINI CROQUET)

Vintage Sporting Goods and Color?  The options are limitless!

From Unusual Decor

Fun old pool balls in a cool old box!

(This piece can be found at Fish Legs )

And for less color…

From Unusual Decor

Love the feel and look of an old baseball, and a basket of them is even better!

(The piece can be found at Chaps and Rascals )

Staying with the old in mind, but moving away from sporting goods…

From Craigslist Ads

And going Industrial!

Like an old tool box, or even better, a vintage Votive Candle Mold Folk Wall Art!

(The candle mold can be found at Rusted Metal )

Metal of another kind!

From Craigslist Ads

Pots, Pans, Strainers…are all cool wall art!

(These items can be found at Enamel Ware )

Let’s saunter away from metal.

(Because metal is just too cool to walk away from…sauntering seems right and make sure look over your shoulder at it before it goes away.)

Take a deep breath…

More fun to come!

Let’s linger around another cool idea!  

The re-use of a useful item of days gone by for decor!

From Craigslist Ads

A 1800’s Dough Bin to hold throw blankets, pillow, magazines, games…

Whatever you need to store…

It will look Oh-So-Loverly in an Old Box of any kind!

(You can find this particular one at OLD WOOD )

 To finish up, let’s go circular!
From Craigslist Ads

Vintage Chenille in Vintage Metal Needlepoint Hoops!


(The can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )

And for a Modern Turn…

From Unusual Decor

So Cute!

(These can be found at JoeMomma )

And if you want curtains that are NOT curtains….

From Craigslist Ads

Then these are for you!

(They can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )




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Vermont is freakin’ beautiful…

Even when it is dead.




Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The beauty of death

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The deadly spine flitters and floats.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“We are not in vain!” says the beautiful flower that dies.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Whoville died in Vermont.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

But it is where butterflies go to hibernate!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The veiny fingers of death reach for the sky.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

What death makes you…

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Oh Puffy Stuff?

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Even in death, I will stand tall!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“Blue skies you do not deceive me!” says the naked tree.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“I still like the sunlight.” she said with her last flower breath.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Eyelashes of death try to block the view.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And its veins try to suffocate.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Color laughs at the grey of death.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“We are not of this deadly world,” says the lively fluff ‘n’ stuff.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Pods of death ready to blast off into winter.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

We will not die, we will not curl up and die!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Star bursts of death spring upward.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

While death breathes, roses sleep.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Death loves me, Death loves me not.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Death’s fairy wings on a stick.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

I flutter, I flitter, I flurry and soon I will die.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Winter is upon as
Balls lay unused among dead leaves
Guarded by the Gnomesman
Who has stood the strength of winter
And shall prevail once again!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And then it snowed!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Adding a bit of clarity to death around.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Sprinkling death with sugar.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Tiny fingers cupping clouds of sugar.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Clouding death.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And still purple strives.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

As does the Gnomesman of Winter.




From Vintage Strainer Lamps!


From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

To start the hole, I used pliers and a hammered it just a bit in the centered dot in the centered star of the bottom of the strainer.

You can see the finished hole in the photo.

Oh, and yes, those pliers have a pink rhinestone on them!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

To help enlarge the hole, I snipped from the inside with wire cutters.

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

Then I would push this vintage soda bottle into the hole to make it more round!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

Picked these up at IKEA for $5.00 each the other day!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

Put lighting through hole, put in lightbulb…

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

And there you have it…and cool hanging lamp that casts spotted star shapes!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

That was fun!

But I was not done creating!

Back to Gnome Christmas Trees!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

I so need a gnome for under that tree!

From Vintage Strainer Lamps!

Now, let’s see if these things sell!


Yes, Gnomes celebrate Holidays too.

And they, just like us, need Christmas Trees.

I have made it my goal to supply them some this holiday season.

From Felt Tree

Let me talk first about the tall one in the back.

Or better yet, let me show you how I made it!

From Felt Tree

Supplies: Cone, felt, glue gun, scissors and maybe some tidbits for decorations (I used some brads and tacks).

From Felt Tree

Cut, cut, cut out your tree leaf thingies.

From Felt Tree

Glue them, one at a time to the cone, all of them!

From Felt Tree

Start adding your decorations as you go.

From Felt Tree

Figure out your topper and decorate.

I decided on decorating a small Styrofoam ball with the brads and tack.

From Felt Tree

There you have it, the first of many…

From Felt Tree

A Gnome Christmas Tree!

For those Gnomes who like simple lines…

From Felt Tree

The Bobble String Christmas Tree!

Yes, it bobbles a bit from the way it is attached to its stand.

And now for those Beachy Gnomes…

From Felt Tree

The Pearly Shell Gnome Christmas Tree!

I made both the string and shell trees awhile ago…lots of string, shells, glue and patience, and you too can make them.

As you can see from the first photo, there are many other trees.

Some are vintage and some are just darned cute.

From Felt Tree

I had to have a variety, so many Gnomes so many different trees needed!

And these two are my favorite!

From Felt Tree

They so remind me of my Italian Grandparent’s Christmas decorations. Under their Aluminum Christmas Tree (Yes, I said Aluminum) they had this tiny outdoor winter skating Scene (a mirror was used to make the frozen pond) with these tiny trees all around it!   Ha, but they have sold already…should have put a higher price on them! 

I have two more in the making, but not sure they will get finished in time.

Gnomes…I got you covered!

Elves get all the attention during the holidays, give some love to any Gnomes you may know!


From Felt Tree

I made the wreath awhile ago, Click here to see how I did it: The Garbage Wreath

But then I put it in an old frame and threw some red felt on the back for that something special and different Christmas decoration!



I have a thing for circles, balls, orbs, globes, pizzas…anything round!

So I buy needlepoint hoops, lots and lots of needlepoint hoops.

Mind you, I do not do needlepoint!

But I do love cool retro looking material.

So, I put the two together and this is what I got!

From Button Up

This little cutie consists of three different size hoops, 3 different sample pieces from JoAnne’s and some twine.

I did glue them together, so it is a just hang one thing wall decoration!

Note to self, iron material next time!

For those that can not commit to 3…I give you this:

From Button Up

Not attached for cases where just one or two will do!

PS…the lint and stuff on the floor do not come with hoops!

I have saved the largest hoops (one really big…others quite large) for the wall on our new dining room.

Now on to something different.

I like frames, and I could not pass up this little metal one with tiny crosses!

From Button Up

I found a map, which I also love..and this little fleur de lis was calling my name.

From Button Up

All together, and they make an interesting conversation piece!

Circles, Frames and Maps…I wish I only like those 3 things!

Whatever it is for you…find new uses for your favorites!


Buttons aren’t just for clothing anymore…

Especially cool old Buttons!  

I pulled out my small collection the other day when I wanted to snazz up a few other things.

And here is how it went!

The below were just plain old round colored cardboard boxes.

From Button Up


So easy…old buttons and some burlap!

From Button Up

Oh, and Mod Podge, gotta love the Mod Podge!

Wait, and some glue!

I used the Modge Podge to adhere the burlap and after that was dry, I glued on the buttons.

From Button Up

Sassy & Brassy!

From Button Up

Golden Girls!

They were so cute, I did not stop there!

From Button Up

This nice piece of pottery had the word “Utensils” across the front.

Why? I mean, if the utensils were in it, couldn’t you tell what was in it?

So, I got rid of it and prettied it up with some vintage white buttons!

From Button Up

I really like how it came out!

Can’t wait to use it now!

Any button will do…glue it on, sew it on, or even use wire for jewelry…


It’s official now…


Here are some of our most recent finds.

Mind you, most of these photos are taken after I rubbed, shined, & scrubbed!

To get’em cheap, you gotta get dirty!

From Mid-Century Finds

Oh, yes we did!

Although I love the colors of the material on the stool, I am thinking we just may have to change it! And folks, the pillow is Jim’s pick. That is his favorite color after all!   The book rack and snack trays make everything all the better!

From Mid-Century Finds

I am not sure if this is a stool or a table, but how can you not love those curves and swirls?

From Mid-Century Finds

Poker anyone?

From Mid-Century Finds

No poker could be had without hip turquoise cocktail glasses and bowls for chips and snacks!

From Mid-Century Finds

And we could use this octagonal beauty for a card game or two!

The above has not yet been spit shined, as I have do not own my secret spit shining sauce in that color…yet!

Okay, it is not a secret, I will shout it out! I love Howard’s Restor-A-Finish !

Here’s a cutie to look at in the meanwhile!

From Mid-Century Finds

Need some light and a place to put your cocktail while you lay out a flush? Use this handy lamp / triangle table!

For those non-card playing party goers, we have this nice conversation area full of lovelies!

From Mid-Century Finds

We prefer wood, but could not pass up these chrome numbers for the price offered!

Already shined up, but with some new material, they will soon be everyone’s favorite!

And anything looks better next too a black metal magazine rack and a “I dream of Jeanie” table lamp!

In love with our new Mid-Century Danish Modern chair…look at those lines on that baby!

From Mid-Century Finds

One of my favorite finds…the lamp shade!

Ooh, the chicken scratch of it all just makes me smile.

From Mid-Century Finds

 I got the lamp with a different shade…

But I had to bring the couple together and now they will live happily ever after!

From Mid-Century Finds

Old kitchen chairs and a vintage doctor stool, with new colors, may make great seating at our low kitchen peninsula!

I could not pass this one up for only $2.00!

From Mid-Century Finds

If I do not use it as is, I have a gold-fish scale wall art project in mind for that frame and maybe a couple of smaller pieces from the art!

But this little cutie will fit in nicely.

From Mid-Century Finds

My husband is a sap for water / boat scenes!

From Mid-Century Finds

Although we have the nice turquoise ones above, these small handfuls of color will fit nicely in that mid-century bar…uh…when we finally find it!

Speaking of glass…

From Mid-Century Finds

My husband being sensible, found some ceiling light fixtures, that just may fit in!

As a gift, I found this beauty for my Jim!

From Mid-Century Finds

No Picasso’s in our finds, but we like them!

So…”Where do we find them?” You ask.

We found most of these pieces in a great little town in the middle of nowhere, Florida. Arcadia has a cute little downtown that consists of 4 blocks and a million antique stores. Once a month they have an Antique Sidewalk Sale!

We found some smalls for great deals on the sidewalks, but hit the mother lode when we walked into the The Opera House!

If you are into history, antiques from any era or style, or even ghosts, Arcadia and The Opera House are must see!

We will be back for sure! Okay, we need to pick up a bigger piece…but since a full day there did not get us through all the stores, I think more shopping will happen.

Some of those pieces are from thrift stores! Thrift stores are my heart and soul! Most antique stores are too dear for my pockets, so I hunt thrifts often. And don’t forget to find the Goodwill Clearance stores! Chairs for $3.00…what the what?


Our next adventure is a couple of mid-century auctions!

Wish us luck!


Please Visit and Shop if you are so inclined at:  Our Own Big World!


I would be a fabric designer???

And you can be one too!

This awesome website makes it easy peasy!

I just found out they do wallpapers too!

How cool is that…designing your own wallpaper for your living room or fabric for a dress?

Here is what I came up with using photos of stuff, including my art.

From My Fabric Designs!

You ou can edit and manipulate  the original coloring too!

The options are limitless, still so excited about this new find!

I would never pay $5.00 for such small pieces of fabric, but since I designed them, of course I did!

But get this…once you do that, you can get paid for anyone buying your design!  Cool, huh?

Not sure if I am going to allow that or not, but it is an option!

My favorite, so far:

From My Fabric Designs!

Swirly Love!

But then again, there is this one:

From My Fabric Designs!

Mid-Century O’Clock!

Okay Okay, you get the point, I luuurve my designs!

And one day they will be Wall Art!

First, a warning…I was stuck in the outskirts of nowhere waiting for our car to get a trailer hitch put on it.

So when stuck for two hours, what do you do….the below!

From My Fabric Designs!

Mind you, this is just a sample of what I will do on my dining room wall.  

Ha, although I do like the rough background this green sidewalk makes!

I have collected hoops of all sizes, many more than shown in these photos.

From My Fabric Designs!

You will notice, I have not cut the material yet either!  Some tucks would just not stay long enough for the photo!

From My Fabric Designs!

I love circles!

From My Fabric Designs!

Now, I am thinking of making a design for our bedroom headboard!  

Like I said, the options are limitless!  

Try it out, you will love it!


I have been using food jars to store my crafting and arts bit and pieces….

but could no longer handle the glass not being clear and the branding on the tops!


From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I went crazy with the yellow, Yes…

But yellow IS awesome!

That was after I soaked and removed the labels and then used “Goof Off” to take off any date stamps and left over label glue!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I know the trend is to paint the item glued on top too…

But I like the my toppers in the NUDE!

From Jars & Swirly Love Pieceof my toppers have meaning to me too!

And some of the toppers even have meaning to me!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

Okay, just one!  

Like the green VW Bug is a gift I gave my husband as a joke, because we play “Slug Bug” all the time!

Note: We only do old bugs & buses…other wise we would be too bruised!

But I do have to say I LOVE the doll hands….funky in a creepy way!


I am keeping 3 of them, and I decided to put the two with old knobs in it in my shopito to see if I can sell some old inventory that I haven’t used! Paint it, shine, put it in a fun bottle…and maybe it will sell!


The below piece I did not dedicate a whole post to because I did not photograph it along the way.

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

It all stemmed from making the “flowers” for a wreath I made in a previous post.

Click below to see my “How To!” post!

Upcycle Wreath!

From How To – Wreath

Cutting, folding and rolling magazine paper flowers takes a lot of time!

From How To – Wreath

But the work was well worth it because…

I love with swirly, whirley, twirly look to them!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I had a wood photo piece that  needed a punch of texture…

So, added felt & magazine paper loves on it!

Completing my Swirly, Twirly, Whirley Bundle of Fun!

Click below if you want to see my Wood Photo “How To!”

Photo on Wood Projects

Now, to my shopito to add, move around, and hopefully sell the hell out of…

My Old Things, Cool Stuffs, Funky Art, Clever Crafts, Upcycle Pieces, and of course, Loverly Antiques!