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I Like Littles!

Posted: August 5, 2022 in Uncategorized

I do like kids…they are funny and play…who doesn’t like that?

BUT…the things I like little are colorful, funky, pretty, shiny, old, new, and most of all little.

Face beads and sewing do-ma-hickies.

If they are cheap or free, and catch my attention, then they have a new home. They probably sit around for a while…until the creative bit of my brain goes, “Pop!” And off I go creating…which usually sets off a tangent. I’m on a tangent and taking a break, now, to share. But first, I NEED to share my current littles.

The World Key Chains I got for $1 at a yard sale! 200 of them!
These are flower beads! I probably got them at an estate sale.
These two are beads, little metal leaf beads. These are from a necklace I bought, that either broke or I bought it that way because of leaves.

As you can see, some of my littles are beads, but not all are. What I’m making right now with some of my beads is not jewelry. Ooooh.

I love me some vintage/antique fish eyes!
And speaking of vintage, buttons. Oh my, buttons!
People thought I was crazy for collecting these bread ties. But I love the colors in the bottle that I kept them in, but that was until my mind went, “Pop!”
These “sleeping” doll eyes. Creepy, but love them. Got them in an antique store in Paris. And the hand forged nails in Talking, Estonia!
These little gnome brads were gifted to me because…need I say why? The little metals were bought at a flea market in Europe. And that’s one of the world key Chains back there. And here is one thing I did with 2 of those!
I made a “My Gnome Little World” keychain! It’s a work in progress…but I love schwag and can’t wait to give them away…or sell them…or both!

“What else did I make,” you ask?

I added a bunch of the above littles with a bunch more that I have and made this.
Bread ties, half worlds, metal leaf beads…Oh My!
Don’t look close at the construction…Work in progress.
I’m feeling it is a statement on our environment today. Garbage is coming in on the world’s nature. And some cover the real problems (pollution of all kinds) with shiny stuff (here’s it beads & metal bits) to distract us. What do the politicians and big companies do to distract us?

It didn’t start out to be a political statement, but looking at it and writing this right now, I realize it was in that back of my mind the whole time.

To lighten things up, I hung this in our family room right next to the TV yesterday and I’m seeing how long it will take my hub to notice it. 😁

While in the process of working on that piece… another idea came along. A lot less serious and lots of bright and cherry…but this one really is truly a work in progress. So here are my tid but photos.

Little piles of love. Squeeeeeee!
Using an old painting…upcycle & recycle! Ok…not getting all environmental and all…but old/used stuff is the new “black”.
Just a little chunky brightness. I had already attached the two pieces. 😳
Picture this….
On this!

But…I’m still figuring out the center. I’m going to post this before I’m done because that thick paint will take a while to dry. So please give me suggestions.

Thanks for coming along for the journey. Remember it’s not just or only the destination… but enjoy the ride as well.

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