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I asked for hints for a handmade gift, and I got Big Sur and the number 7!


I racked my mind and kept my eyes out for 7’s and anything Big Sur (Hello, I live in Florida, Big Sur is in California)!

I found it hard to find decorative numbers, if it is not for the front of your house.   So when I found a big black ceramic 7 I had to grab it.

It sat around for quite awhile trying to motivate me to do something with it.  Nothing was coming to mind!

Then at a flea market, my husband came across a 1966 arial map of mid-coastal California! Yes, with Big Sur smack dab in the middle!

I grabbed it!

So, I had the 7 and the map…what to do?  I went to my map pinterest board to see what I could find!

Yippy, I saw a map used as a mat in a frame!  How could I have forgotten about that?


First, the things you will need:

–  Map

– Frame

– Mat (you can either make your own or not even use one)

– Scissors / X-Acto knife

– Graphics & Printer

Now lets Mat Our Map!

From Old Map Framed

1)  Cut the part of map you want to use.

Hint: If there is a special place…put it in a corner of the mat.

From Old Map Framed

2) This is how I incorporated the 7 into the piece!

I found different graphics of 7s and then printed them out on sample paper to make sure they got on the right spots of the map. Then I printed them out on the map.

From Old Map Framed

3) Once you have your map ready, cut the center out.

Hint: Just cut an “X” from corner to corner and you can just bend back the pieces.

This is my sample map and I cut the edges off to fit in the frame better. But the final map I used had very thin paper, so I just folded the pieces over.

I do not like to completely cut/destroy things in case the person buying or receiving my stuff, can change it around if they like.

From Old Map Framed

4) Firmly fold down the map around the mat.

I did not glue it down, because the frame would securely hold it in.

From Old Map Framed

5) And then you are done!

I ended with two of them, since I did a “practice” run first!

The practice one is done with scrapbook paper I got on sale for 25 Cents! I hope someone else likes the number 7!

From Old Map Framed


I love how there is a circle about Big Sur too!

From Old Map Framed

And now you have a “something special” frame!

We wish the recipients of this frame the happiest life together!

By the way, I wrote a special date on the back of the number 7 for them!