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I’m Selling Here Now!!!

Posted: December 29, 2020 in Uncategorized

I will try this format first and if I get popular enough, I will change to a better selling format.

I will update this site regularly with a few awesome items for sale!

Get this…Free Shipping!! Who am I kidding? You know the shipping costs get folded into the price, but I will be making the items affordable for you, my beloved customers.

For now you will need to send me your address to If this website lucrative, then I can make buying so much easier for both of us!

Oh the important part. How to pay? You can venmo or Zelle me at Dawn Balzarano / My Gnome Little World. Make sure I’m the right person please.

Ok, now you’ve seen some of the bigger Items I have sold…here are some smaller easier to ship items I have for sale.

Color Pop!
Approx 15″ x 15″

These two cutsie patoosties will make you smile for miles. Your 2021 so needs them.

They are vintage Hook rug Wall art from the 1960s/70s. See photo for size. Both are in excellent condition.

They are $25.00 each (remember that includes shipping) OR 45.00 for both.

Hot Diggity Dog!

Straw, string, linen…Oh My!
Great shape
Vintage Faded Glory….Who Knew?
I don’t think this one was ever used.
Cute coin purse / wallet

Oh my cuteness galore! I know we all haven’t been going many places…but get ready because the getting out and looking oh so awesome with a cute purse in hand days are a’coming again!

Faded Glory Straw Medium Size purse with flowers – $20.00

Straw, String, Linen Large-ish Purse – $22.00

Small Straw Change Purse / Wallet – $7.00

That’s it for Now!

As soon as an item sells I will delete it or mark it sold.

Please let me know what you think of this idea of mine and how I’m doing it.

Suggestions welcomed, Trolls are not!

Dabbling, not to be confused with Dabbing, the popular dance move.

You know that phrase, “Jack of all Trades”? Well, to me one must “Dabble” first before becoming a “Jack”. Dabbling to me, is when I start doing something new to me creatively.

I checked Wikipedia for the origins of “Jack of all trades” (because I am that person). Although now-a-days, I feel the phrase is a positive description, it started out as a dig to Shakespeare by the writer Robert Green in his 1952 booklet “Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit”.

It wasn’t until 1962 when a version of it appeared in the book “Essays and Characters of a Prison” by English writer Geffray Mynshul. He most likely wrote it when he was imprisoned for debt. I assume he was not a “Master” financier.

Which leads me to the added phrase, “A master of none”. This part of the phrase was added later and it was meant as a dig in jest. I also found that there was also another phrase added on to that as well, which I like, “Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than a master of one”.

I digress, let us get back to my dabbling. In between my musings above I gave you examples of my newest dabble. I am using paints now. I have always used paints but mostly spray paint and paint pens. I did even a brush now and then for furnishings and other upcycled projects. Now I have moved on to actually using brushes and sometimes, awesome vintage water color pencils, for art.

It all started when a dear friend, gifted a TON of art supplies to my 13 year old artist twin nieces. There was so much product, I kept some extra bits and parts for myself.

My talented nieces lived next door at the time. They came over with their now “tool” box filled of art supplies and we sat down to paint. Here are their paintings.


That’s a tough act to follow, so I thought about paintings I had seen in art galleries that I liked. I though Maybe I could do something like this Cézanne.

Or Maybe this Rothko…

Or Maybe not, but I tried.

And so, this is my first Acrylic painting!

I’m not sure it is up there with the greats, but I do so like it. I love the texture in it, that you can’t see here, but I laid it on thick. I love color and I am happy with this piece.

I enjoyed painting so much, I dabbled more. Here is my second acrylic piece. It’s called “Sand, Sea, Sky”, a subject that I have been obsessed with since we move near the beach on a Caribbean island.

It was based on a photo I took on an island off of Puerto Rico, called Vieques. It is a photo of what I love to call “island water”. It is that clear water with sea foam green slowly turning into hints of turquoise.

I played with those cool vintage water color pencils, that you can see in a photo up above, and created the piece below. I really like this one, almost love because art is so not perfect. I love how in some way the colors blend bleeding into each other, but then I also love how the green left stark lines above the yellow. I guess in a way I was trying to overlap the water over the sand like in the photo. The piece gives you an idea of the photo, but in it’s own way, separately, a piece of beauty.

A birthday card for my friend.

I already have another canvas set out for me to dabble more.

Who Knows…I may not even use paint. My other newest dabble, Sea Glass! I love hunting for it here where it is plentiful! I wonder often what to do with all the lovely of glass that has been softened into wonderful bits of art.

I am off to play with my photography now. I do dabble a lot.

Thanks for visiting My Gnome Little World. I never know will be happening up in here. Please come back!

No, we did not create the sea.


We packed up whatever we wanted to keep, like kitchen stuff, tools and important stuff from our California Apartment, and Sold the Rest.


We sold a lot furniture, my projects, some of my art, and much of our beloved vintage stuff.


Then we moved, again, by airline with just 5 suitcases and some boxes.


Although, we were lucky enough to go on many adventures with family while living nearby, this move was really hard, emotionally.


All the other moves were just pains in our asses, but this one tore our hearts.  We moved away from family. It’s weird, we want to be close to our families, but we also want to explore and go on adventures.  Our married life has been all “This” and almost nothing but “This”.  We have accepted it is Who We Are now. We.Are.Gnomads.


If it were any other place, I probably would have said no, but I couldn’t say no to where we are now. We live on an island, an island in the Caribbean. I could not say, “No” to that opportunity and the work is important to Jim.  We moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico so Jim could work on the project to rebuild the power system here, which is dearly needed.


We have explored some of the island, and I am learning tons about it’s electrical system along the way. And Jim is making his way around bureaucracy, island time and the government to get his project rolling.  I am proud of him. He really wants to do this job, it is what the residents of this island really want and need.  Below is a photo of damaged windmills 18 months after Hurricane Maria which shut all the islands of Puerto Rico down.


We have been fully since the end of February. We got our apartment the 1st of March and we are well on our way of settling into City Island Life.


Old San Juan


Our Beach, Ocean Beach


Colorful Calle Loiza, Our Neighbor to the East.


The Evening View to the West.


We live on the 8th floor of  10 story building with a view west of the sunset over the neighborhood, and with a bit of a view of the Caribbean Sea to the North.  We get great sunset.

20190323_080404-DSC_0452 (2)

We have explored a fair amount around the main island (as they call it here).


We have also been lucky enough to have already gone to a small island off the East Coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques.


We are just plain lucky and We.Are.Gnomads. And This Is OUR Gnome Little World.

Thank you for visiting it.


A Bit Bar Cart Crazy

Posted: November 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

My recent love is turning things that were not bar carts into a bar carts.  I have made at least 5 and 2 in project mode, but will focus on the biggest one which took the most work.


A Trunk Bar.  It has been done before, but not quit like mine!

The outside was a bit rough. It is made of wood, which is not true of a lot of trunks. I sanded it down and like the effect, so I kept it.  The picture does not do it justice.


I loved the paper on the inside, but it did need some love, especially where the paper was and the damaged.


I decided to put old drink recipes in the damaged areas on the inside.  I could not find a decent priced vintage recipe book, so I got a newer one with old recipes in it. I aged the pages with several layers of coffee and to match the orange hue of the paper I added a tad bit of orange paint to the coffee.


I used the decoupage technique on the recipes as well as to secure the old brittle paper in the rest of the trunk.


Then I put in shelves.  This took several tries and some extra support efforts.


After the shelves where secure, I added leather belts (a common theme in some of my projects and art) to hold in items on shelves.


I added wheels, a lot of them so it will stand secure open and shut and there you have it!


I love the Initials and the original tag on it.  I used decoupage on the tag as it was falling apart and I felt it needed to stay with the piece.

And as an extra to whomever bought my Trunk Bar I made a leather-bound drink recipe book (on middle shelf on right side) with the left over pages of the recipe book.  I also aged the pages of it with coffee.

And then it went to market….20181014_170406

Where it sold for less than I wanted, but it went to a good home!

Next post will be my small bar cart upcycle rehab projects!

Thanks for visiting My Gnome Little World!


Pop Up

Posted: November 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Not the kind of “Pop Up” you think of these days though.

We got a Pop Up Camper and here are some photos of our adventure of the last year Camping!


This is Our GoGo Gnomie Pop Up Camper.  We’ve Taken Him Here, There, but Not Everywhere!


August 2017 We took our Niece to Wright’s Lake and it was So Nice!




The Hub Laying over Wright’s Lake!


We all Split wood to keep warm and cook!


Out in the Woods!


We’ve been to Pinehurst, a friend’s family property, a couple of times for big group camping too!


My nephew Entertaining Me.


GoGo Gnomie at Night!

Oh and I Fixed it Up Some.  I kind of Retro’d out this 1990s Pop Up on the Inside.




20170716_125823 (2)




It’s so Cute and Comfy!


And Our Subbie Tows it Perfectly!

It’s packed away for the winter…oh wait…we have a date camp date on the Coast in February.  But it’s in Nor Cal…so who knows what the weather will be like…but we are not afraid of the cold!

Come Camp with Us!



I’mmmm Baaaack!

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am going to post a bunch of quickie posts, photos mostly, to pseudo catch up.

Between spending time with family, camping, picking and traveling, I have been having fun upcycling and making again!


I Brought a Mid Century Base and a modern Wood Tray Together to Make this Awesome Side Table/Bar with a Removable Tray!  It has Already Sold!


I Turned this awesome old trunk into a stand up open and close bar on wheels! And this has sold as well!


I turned this 1970s TV Stand into an Adorbs Bar Cart…Sold Also.


And I sassed up this old Step Stool. Sorry Sold!

I will post photos of some travel, adventures, picking, making, picking and selling. I promise!

Thanks for visiting!


It’s the Little Things.


I am doing a series of photographs of bits and pieces and the little things that make San Francisco, well, San Francisco.


Guess which hood I was in for this series of photos.


I’m trying to make it hard, but if you are in the San Francisco know you will be able to figure it out.


If not, look again.


Ten Photos.  Ten Little Things.


If no one gets it from the 10, I will add more obvious hints in the comments.


I had a blast seeing things from a different point of view, or even, seeing things I have never noticed before.


I looked up. I looked Down.


I looked inside and out.


Even at Eye Level.

Can you guess?

Please reply in the comments!

And stayed tuned for the Answer, More Hints or the Next Hood!



I am going to Do Something Crazy for Good, as in Giving Back Kind of Good.

Oh, The Good All My Crazy Could have Done in my Past.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like the Time I Went for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in New England.
Okay, Okay, This one was tethered down, but it did  Go up Around 12-15 Stories!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Or Like the Time I Talked Jim into Parasailing with me on my Birthday in the Bahamas.
Well, It was not So Crazy for Me, But Talking “Fear of Heights” Jim into my Crazy.

Okay, here is it…

I’m Taking The Plunge.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not a Bungee Jumping Plunge.

Been There and Done That in Australia!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not Plunging into the Deep Blue Sea.

Although I will Do that More for Sure!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not Doing the Trapez…Again!

Once in Brattleboro was Enough!

Drum Roll Please.

I am doing…
The Respiratory Health Association Skyline Plunge!


Before I tell you what that is exactly, Please Read Why I am Doing it.

I am Raising Money for an Organization that Supports a Health Issue that is                           Near and Dear to Me.

I suffer from 2 Respiratory Diseases.  

I take daily meds twice a day and have had 3 surgeries, But…

I do Not Let Those Ailments Keep Me From Being Crazy.

With Money for Research for Respiratory Health Issues I  now can be as crazy as I wan to Be and Still Live!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

And No, It is Not Another Zip Lining Adventure like this one I did with my nephew in Honduras!

It is Kind of Like Something I have Done before. A Long Long time Ago.

In college I Rock Climbed, I Dropped Down Caves for Exploration, and I did and led High Ropes Courses.

But…It’s not exactly any of these that I am going to do for this Plunge.

It is the Rappelling Part.

I will be Rappelling Down the Side of The Wit, a 27 Story Hotel, in The Loop Downtown Chicago!

Yes, I Will Be Dropping Myself Slowly down 27 Floors on a Rope!

Told You I was Crazy!

But I do Crazy Well.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like Surviving Crazy Ass Honduran White Water Rafting with my Teen Nephews.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like Surfing at 45 years old…for kind of…the first time!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Snowmobiling at 50.

Okay not that crazy, but the trails were tight and rough so it was for exciting!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

And I even trusted Jim to lead a pack of Dogs while I relaxed on the Sled.
Now, I am just reaching for straws.

If I only had photos of the the horrid drug boat “ferry” ride from Honduras to Belize, My Rock Climbing in the Days of Less Safe Equipment, Dropping down into 200 foot Dark holes to Cave explore, hitchhiking with a Scot in Australia, Finding out I was swimming in the Amazon Jungle with Candiru (fish that swim up your urine stream), Running into Tear Gas in Venzuela because I wanted to take Photos of the Student Protests, Hiking in Malaysia Through Leach Invested Water and Jungle and Actually finding a Leach on me (they are quite cute before the suck your blood),  that time when the “captain” of the small dory boat said he can make it to shore in the storm which in the long run he did not, Jumping off 30ft or higher cliffs into rapids because the locals did it, of course tandem skydiving, And I could go on.

Although, I could show you After photos of my 3 Respiratory Disease Surgeries…

But I will Spare you Those!

Back to the Matter at Hand, Please Donate to my Fundraiser.

Any Amount at All Is so Very Highly Appreciated!

To Learn More and to Donate Click Below: If this does not work, please copy and paste!

Photos to Follow after the Event on May 22, 2016!

I Thank you in Advance!


Alert Alert! Christmas in August!

From DIYChristmas

Big Move to Small Place in January Has Had me Way Off My Regular Blogging Schedule…
But I’m Back at it Now.


From DIYChristmas

I LOVE Christmas. And I LOVE to Decorate for Christmas.

From DIYChristmas

We live in temporary places most of time for The Hub’s work.

Last Christmas we were packing during the holidays which is a very sad sad thing to do…

For Yet Another Move.

From DIYChristmas

So I Had to Make My Own Happy…

Literally, I made my Own Happy…

Happy Signs…That Is!

From DIYChristmas

We were going to spend most of Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my parents, who no longer put up a Christmas tree.


From DIYChristmas

I was prepared to be bummed about the lack of Christmas Decor that would be around me on Christmas Day.
So I decided to do something about it.

From DIYChristmas

Let me go back a bit here, the name of the blog is from a scene in the move ELF.
That is all I will say about that, if you do not know ELF by heart by now…you better get started!

G.R.E.A.T Movie!

From ChristmasHouse

I went into DIY Christmas Elf Decoration Making Overdrive!

Besides the Red Felt and Vintage Sheet Music Garland I made Ornaments!

Star Ones!

From DIYChristmas


Ones from Old Wood Thread Spools!

From DIYChristmas


Snowflake Ones!

From DIYChristmas


And Speaking of Snowflakes…

From DIYChristmas


And This One!

From DIYChristmas


And This One!

From DIYChristmas


Let Me Not Forget This Garland Too!

From DIYChristmas


And Signs…I made Signs!
This Way>>>>>

From DIYChristmas


<<<<And That Way!

From DIYChristmas


And Trees…I Made Tiny Little Christmas!

From DIYChristmas


I Made It All, Packed It All Up and Off to Momma’s House We Went for Christmas Eve Dinner!

From ChristmasHouse

My Mom Has Had that Christmas Table Clothe Forever and It Just Makes Me Smile!

Full Bellies, We All Went to Bed.

And Then The Hub and I Got Up in the Middle of the Night!

From ChristmasHouse


And Went DIY Christmas Elf Decor Cray Cray!

From ChristmasHouse


Quietly, Like Little Christmas Elves!

From ChristmasHouse


The Parental Units Did Not Even Wake Up with Our Elfing Shenanigans!

From ChristmasHouse


Even When We Dragged the Tree In From Outside!

From ChristmasHouse


No Space Was Left Un-Decorated!

From ChristmasHouse


Even The Wrapped Presents Matched!

From ChristmasHouse


If You Ask Me…


From DIYChristmas


The Best Christmas Gift Ever Was the Look on My Parents Faces on Christmas Morning!

From ChristmasHouse


And Now I Bid Holiday Adieu to You, You and You and You!

From DIYChristmas


There are 141 DIY Decor Making Days Until Next Christmas!

From 103D5100

And to Break It Down For You, That Is…
3,350 hours, 200,997 minutes, or 12,059,813 seconds to Christmas!

Now Go Have a Great Rest of Your Summer!

If You are Interested in Purchasing any of the items seen in this blog or want me to make some of your own…
Please Contact me at OUR OWN BIG WORLD ETSY SHOP


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Although those days are long gone, I hope….


That is what I have been doing…

It started with a chair I did quite awhile ago now. You can see it at BELT CHAIR !

After collecting more belts and having several ideas that I never started.

This rustic chunk of wood came into my life.

From 2014 Projects

Lovely with all the nails with bits and pieces of material and vinyl of days gone by stuck to them.

From 2014 Projects

It, too, sat around for awhile.

From 2014 Projects

Until I decided to paint it, that is.

Which I did not like at all.

From 2014 Projects

Then I took the sander to it.

I loved it and at first came up with the idea of putting colorful plastic rulers on the top,

Another collection of items I have laying about.

From 2014 Projects

But the leather belts won out!

From 2014 Projects

After attaching the top belts, including 2 old western style ones with the names Garrett and Jack on them,

I decided to wrap the top edge with 2 buckled belts.

From 2014 Projects

And There you Have it!

Even though I love it, I made it to sell. You can purchase it here BELT BENCH! !

Can you guess how I used belts on the piece below?

From 2014 Projects

Guess before you scroll down!

Okay, Now start to scroll!

From 2014 Projects

First, I removed the heart “doors” and painted it!

From 2014 Projects

And then started to add the belts…
Yes, White leather belts!

From 2014 Projects

I put them across the back and wrapping two around the whole piece.
And as you can see, I played with buckles for extra decor.

From 2014 Projects

But ended using upholstery Studs instead.

This is also for sale, but comment below if you are interested in it!

What can you make with old belts?

Here is another project I have in the making…

From 2014 Projects

An Old Suitcase Valet…

From 2014 Projects

Turned Side Table!

I use it in my own home without attaching the belts.

Any other suggestions for this piece?

If you are interested in seeing what else I make for sale or my old things for sale,

Please visit my online shop at OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

Thanks for visiting and now, GO CREATE!