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A Bit Bar Cart Crazy

Posted: November 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

My recent love is turning things that were not bar carts into a bar carts.  I have made at least 5 and 2 in project mode, but will focus on the biggest one which took the most work.


A Trunk Bar.  It has been done before, but not quit like mine!

The outside was a bit rough. It is made of wood, which is not true of a lot of trunks. I sanded it down and like the effect, so I kept it.  The picture does not do it justice.


I loved the paper on the inside, but it did need some love, especially where the paper was and the damaged.


I decided to put old drink recipes in the damaged areas on the inside.  I could not find a decent priced vintage recipe book, so I got a newer one with old recipes in it. I aged the pages with several layers of coffee and to match the orange hue of the paper I added a tad bit of orange paint to the coffee.


I used the decoupage technique on the recipes as well as to secure the old brittle paper in the rest of the trunk.


Then I put in shelves.  This took several tries and some extra support efforts.


After the shelves where secure, I added leather belts (a common theme in some of my projects and art) to hold in items on shelves.


I added wheels, a lot of them so it will stand secure open and shut and there you have it!


I love the Initials and the original tag on it.  I used decoupage on the tag as it was falling apart and I felt it needed to stay with the piece.

And as an extra to whomever bought my Trunk Bar I made a leather-bound drink recipe book (on middle shelf on right side) with the left over pages of the recipe book.  I also aged the pages of it with coffee.

And then it went to market….20181014_170406

Where it sold for less than I wanted, but it went to a good home!

Next post will be my small bar cart upcycle rehab projects!

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Pop Up

Posted: November 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Not the kind of “Pop Up” you think of these days though.

We got a Pop Up Camper and here are some photos of our adventure of the last year Camping!


This is Our GoGo Gnomie Pop Up Camper.  We’ve Taken Him Here, There, but Not Everywhere!


August 2017 We took our Niece to Wright’s Lake and it was So Nice!




The Hub Laying over Wright’s Lake!


We all Split wood to keep warm and cook!


Out in the Woods!


We’ve been to Pinehurst, a friend’s family property, a couple of times for big group camping too!


My nephew Entertaining Me.


GoGo Gnomie at Night!

Oh and I Fixed it Up Some.  I kind of Retro’d out this 1990s Pop Up on the Inside.




20170716_125823 (2)




It’s so Cute and Comfy!


And Our Subbie Tows it Perfectly!

It’s packed away for the winter…oh wait…we have a date camp date on the Coast in February.  But it’s in Nor Cal…so who knows what the weather will be like…but we are not afraid of the cold!

Come Camp with Us!



I’mmmm Baaaack!

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am going to post a bunch of quickie posts, photos mostly, to pseudo catch up.

Between spending time with family, camping, picking and traveling, I have been having fun upcycling and making again!


I Brought a Mid Century Base and a modern Wood Tray Together to Make this Awesome Side Table/Bar with a Removable Tray!  It has Already Sold!


I Turned this awesome old trunk into a stand up open and close bar on wheels! And this has sold as well!


I turned this 1970s TV Stand into an Adorbs Bar Cart…Sold Also.


And I sassed up this old Step Stool. Sorry Sold!

I will post photos of some travel, adventures, picking, making, picking and selling. I promise!

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