Okay, I love Mary Catherine Gallagher…


I love starburst mirror decor pieces too!

But after looking the at cost of new ones and even vintage ones,  I got discouraged!

Pinterest to the rescue, especially after I saw how easy it was to make (ha)!

Here is my attempt and how I did it!

Supplies needed:

From Starburst Mirror Project!

More supplies:

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Measuring and Gluing!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Pre-final touches…

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Prep for painting!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

I know silver is popular right now, but the antique versions are in gold, which will go better in our entry way!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Final Product!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Not bad, eh?
Even up close!

From Starburst Mirror Project!

Please click on any of the photos, to get to the photo album and to find out some extra details on how I did it!

Okay, now I have to be truthful!

After seeing a starburst mirror in every remodel/revamp/decor TV show, I am thinking it may be over done!

So I may change this:

From Mid-Century Finds

Into this:

I would take out the art work from the above gold frame and use it for something else!
It is signed art after all…even if I got the WHOLE piece for only $2.00 at an auction!

What do you think…Gold Star Burst for front entry way or Gold Fish Scales?


  1. I love how you did the star burst mirror!!

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