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Making nature into what it isn’t.


A Starfish Sea Urchin.


Dead Coral Growing.


Shells in the Sky.


Sea Glass on Solid Ground.


Sponge Flooring.


Plated Turtle Food.

Nature doesn’t need me. I pluck it from its home and it bring it to mine.  I need nature. 


As I am begging for inspiration, pleading for motivation, I cage nature.


There is sits.  Mocking me.


My mind rolls around these visions in my head as the sea rolls around glass, making it solid so you can’t see through it, you just see it.


I stole from nature for my own pleasure.  To turn nature’s art into my own.


Who was I fooling?


Nobody can do better than this?


But Yet I Try.

My Vintage Watercolor Pencil Version of the photo of nature above.

I won’t try to insult it by calling it anything other than “Sand Sea Sky”.


Why I love Photography, I pluck it from where it is supposed to be yet keep it there.

Thank you for allowing me this musings.  I hope you enjoy and will visit again.




Vermont is freakin’ beautiful…

Even when it is dead.




Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The beauty of death

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The deadly spine flitters and floats.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“We are not in vain!” says the beautiful flower that dies.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Whoville died in Vermont.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

But it is where butterflies go to hibernate!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

The veiny fingers of death reach for the sky.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

What death makes you…

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Oh Puffy Stuff?

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Even in death, I will stand tall!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“Blue skies you do not deceive me!” says the naked tree.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“I still like the sunlight.” she said with her last flower breath.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Eyelashes of death try to block the view.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And its veins try to suffocate.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Color laughs at the grey of death.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

“We are not of this deadly world,” says the lively fluff ‘n’ stuff.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Pods of death ready to blast off into winter.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

We will not die, we will not curl up and die!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Star bursts of death spring upward.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

While death breathes, roses sleep.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Death loves me, Death loves me not.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Death’s fairy wings on a stick.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

I flutter, I flitter, I flurry and soon I will die.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Winter is upon as
Balls lay unused among dead leaves
Guarded by the Gnomesman
Who has stood the strength of winter
And shall prevail once again!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And then it snowed!

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Adding a bit of clarity to death around.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Sprinkling death with sugar.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Tiny fingers cupping clouds of sugar.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

Clouding death.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

And still purple strives.

From Ugly Beautiful Brattleboro

As does the Gnomesman of Winter.



I have to admit, I AM a Serial Creator.

In my past, I have killed off many mediums, and then moved on to the next!

Sometimes bringing back old haunts because…you know…they always return to the scene of the crime!

Here is The Life Cycle of This Serial Creator.

Pre-High School: Anything the Art Teacher Would Make Me Do!

From My History of Creating

6th Grade: Block Print (Did the carving, water colors and printing!)

High School: Writing Poetry & Photography

From My History of Creating

10th Grade:  For Photography Class!

From My History of Creating

12th Grade:  My Nationwide Winning Photo for the “Year of the Disabled” Photo Contest.

I worked with this girl at McDonald’s…she was a friend that was born with just part her arm.  I still admire her!

College: Photography & Writing “Witty” Letters to the Editor of the School Paper.

From My History of Creating

A couple of my letters to the Radford University Newspaper’s Editor.  I was so sassy!

I wish I could still write that neat!

20’s: Making Greeting Cards (When the Name “My Own Little World” was created), & Rock Jewelry.

From My History of Creating

One of a series of the “Hill” themed birthday cards. The only sample of them that I have left…because I actually gave them to people after making them! I have a person in mind for this particular “Vintage” card of mine.

From Safety Pins & Pendants

My Rock Jewelry. I actually still wear these! Timeless Beauty!

30’s: Writing Children’s Stories, Making Greeting cards, & Creating Small Odd Gifties.

From My History of Creating

Bookmarks that I thought were awesome…not so much now.

You should have seen the ugly Christmas Ornaments I made in the same design!


Sorry friends and family for that “creative” period of mine!

But I still love the below creative flow!

From My History of Creating

A variety of my Christmas Cards!

There is The “Gangsta’ Santa” one , The “Safe Sex Christmas Tree” one (It says “Keep Your Christmas Bright…Wrap It Tight”), The “Reindeer Got Ran Over by a Grandma” One, and of course, The “Dancing On Top Of Santa” one!          Good times!

Now, my one and only published piece!  And mind you, I got paid for it too!

Okay, I wrote on the internet too, but in the writing world, it is just not the same!

Click and Read, My Friends, Click and Read:

Volunteer, Learn a Language Combine Language Study and Volunteer Work in Guatemala

Early 40’s: Writing.

From The Books I Made
From The Books I Made

Although, I just made these actual books, I wrote the stories in my early 40’s for a Children’s Clothing Line…that never went into the book business. But they said they liked them, they really did! Now, they are just for my 7-year-old twin nieces!

Mid 40’s: Blog Writing, Photography & Videography.

Examples of this are all wrapped up neatly in “Vintage” HenderBalz Blog Posts!

Click and Browse, my friends, Click and Browse:

HenderBalz Blog: El Salvador Story Time

Later Mid 40’s (ahem…NOW): Making of Things, Photography, Writing, & Videography.

Again, the HenderBalz Blog, says it best!

Check it out, My Friends, Check it out:

My Own Little World Shopito!

I attack with gusto, even to the point of trying to sell my work, and then I give up…whether I have done well or not.