Been building UP a reselling upcycling mostly mid century business. Until I fell DOWN.

I’m making money, but I ain’t no mogul. I did put the money back into the biz for a Shedito Workshop and Showroom. With the broken wrist I had a set back, but on it now!

The broken wrist story: I didn’t just break my wrist, I crushed it. I couldn’t fix, upcycle, refinish, or carry anything for over 2 months But as usual, I have bounced back.

I was at my friend’s 50th surprise birthday party at a roller skating rink. I went around once carefully and told my hub 1 more time around. I didn’t even make it halfway. The thing is…I was once a pretty decent street skater. Age, weight gain, and a shift of body balance screwed me over. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least I was doing something fun!

Now back to business…I went on a picking trip. South Georgia has a yearly 200 mile yard sale. I’ve been to one before in 2015 and it was awesome….this year (off the normal time of year because of the pandemic) it was good but more resellers with higher prices.

Here’s some of what I found, bought, saw and enjoyed.

This is sold already too.
This sold quick!
Squeeee…love it and it’s for sale in my Shopito!
Barn wood
I have to photograph water towers
Did get…but met my hub in Sacramento (state capitol), CA
Hi! Love me some hands!
Some of my pickings.

I’m back to using my wrist a lot, but it’s still in the process of hurting if I use it too much. Doc said that was ok and I won’t damage it. It was a “break” from my vintage reselling work, and now I’m back at it with gusto!

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I wish I meant the dance, but I mean I am pushing my vintage reselling business a lot these days. I’m having my 2nd POP-UP sale this month! It’s this upcoming weekend! OCT 30th!

Some vintage clothing to go!

I just repriced 263 items for them to sell! I need to move product to have to room for the new stuff. And room in the garage for the car!

I got lamps!
A little bit of it all.

I’m planning to do a POP-UP Sale almost every month. I’m going to theme them. They will take place in my new Shedito Work Shop and Show Room. My first official POP- UP will be Girl/Bedroom themed. Clothing, purses, hats jewelry, blankets, pillows, bathroom stuff and more. After that I may do a kitchen themed POP- UP.

Follow MY GNOME LITTLE WORLD Facebook page for updates on POP-UP sale dates, themes and location.

Fun stuff!

If you’re in the Space Coast, Florida area message me for location!!

I mostly sell Mid Century, if there is anything you are looking for let me know. I ship medium to small items as well!

More Lamp

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I’m a Curator of Things…

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Or are the things curating my life now?

I never had a lot of belongings, until I did. I was a single woman most of my adult life and either shared an apartment in SF or had a Studio apt. I did not need a lot of stuff. Also I loved to travel, so I saved for it which did not allow much money to buy things. I easily let things go too, because some of my trips were months on end and I couldn’t pay for storage. So things were not my thing. Until they were.

Just Some of My Vintage Jewelry Collection

In 2004 I met my husband, who also loved to travel. We married 3 years later, then we sold his house to move to central America for a year. I learned he had a lot of stuff and could not let things go very easily. We put stuff in storage. I had even less stuff because I sold most of all the furniture I had.

My Vintage Kitchen Tool/Utensil Collection.

After 18 months volunteering and traveling in Central America, and after several moves I started collecting things. You see, in 2010, my husband took a good position where we were moving a lot, which it made it hard for me to work.

No job, new places without friends…and usually needing stuff for our ever-changing apartments, I shopped. But I’m a picker, who doesn’t like to spend money, so I thrifted. I also fixed stuff up, used it while we lived in a place and sold for more when we left.

My old western graniteware collection.

In 2012 we bought a home not far from where my y husband worked and not far from my parents. We had no furniture at this point, and the house was original from 1964. We decided to furnish it from that time period. Mid century was popular in other places but not where we bought our home, so buying old cool stuff was affordable at the time.

My Hub’s Beloved Collection

It was around then my husband and I learned that we like to thrift and yard sale together. Thrifting led to flea markets, led to antique stores/markets, led to auctions and then led to estate sales. We’ve done it all.

My beloved collection.

I buy and sell Mid Century Modern Stuff. When I say I sell, I really do sell. Our whole house is a collection of Mid Century Modern. I’m starting to think that collection is enough. If it’s not Mid Century, I should let it go. Ouch.

Two Collections

I’ve already started to let go of my old Western Vintage and Antique Graniteware collection, but they are not selling in my Mid Century Shopito. So, I just made arrangements to sell at a 1 day more rustic type market in October. It’s too hot now for outdoor markets in Florida, so we wait until less hot and Snowbird season. There are several in the fall so I’ll be busy.

Wood Food Boxes.
Too Many Balls
Look at these Lovelies!

There are even more collections, but I’m done outing myself and my issues. I don’t have kids, nor will I ever have grand kids. I have things….

…But for now I vow not to add to my collections and to lesson my load by selling. Check my FB Marketplace page for what I’m selling or contact with questions about anything you see in the photos that you would like to buy (but mind you, not all is for sale. 😳

Thanks for visiting my blog, and reading or just quickly looking over my photos. I appreciate it all.

(I just found this post that I never posted exactly 364 days after my Mom died. I wrote it while my Mom was dying. I changed verbs to past tense and decided to post it now on the 365th day, 1 year, after my Mom died. This is my view and my view alone. I wasn’t physically alone, but I was alone inside my head through this).



If I could I would give it back.

If you looked through this blog you notice I love to travel, take journeys, explore and go on adventures. We move every year. We don’t get to live in our home. We just don’t sit still.

On our first family trip to Florida from New York

After Jim’s last Project Manager gig ended in Puerto Rico, we went to our home, waiting for the next project, and where it would take us. Then Covid-19 hit the U.S., and we have been home bound ever since. This is not the journey.

Easter, Probably 1967

This journey is part of everyone’s life. Death. Not mine, my Mother’s. My “Mommasan”. The woman that brought me into this world. And I helped her, on her way out.

Me and Mom at Cypress Gardens FL in the early 1970s

My Mother felt bad and my step-father brought her to the ER, they did a CT Scan and wanted her to stay, but Mom with her short term memory loss just wanted to be home. Three days later my Mom was back in the ER, this time she stayed in the hospital. My home is only 1.5 hours away from my parents, I was there fast. Of course, with Covid-19, I was not allowed into the hospital, but due to my Mom’s short term dementia, I was finally allowed in so someone was with her at all times. Mom had 2 blood transfusions, her abdomen drained, and a biopsy of a mass they found in the wall of her abdomen, her omentum.

Yes, a mass. No good news. But this is not yet the journey.

Mom and I with Grandpa

The journey happened once we got home, because all Mom wanted was to be home. She was clear, if it was her time, she wanted to be home. At home she went downhill fast, and we did not even have the results of the biopsy. The Oncologist already was sure it was Advanced Stage 4 Cancer. And it was. She has Cancer of the Ovaries and it already spread to her omentum and maybe even elsewhere. She had internal bleeding, and her abdomen was full of blood of fluids.

Mom did not want anymore procedures, no draining of her abdomen again. Not even another blood transfusion. I made calls to family, they made plans to come.

I was in a whirlwind of helping Mom, Making plans for hospice, texting with family, calls, calls and more calls, setting up a Priest to come, even contacting a funeral home just in case, and all while being calm before the storm.

Mom and I in the 1980s

I saw Mom go from walking with help and chatting normally, to being completely bed-bound in less than 24 hours. I thought my journey of death was going to be a short one, but no Mom rallied when all her 5 of her children, her sister, her best friend, and 2 of her grandchildren came. She was funny, witty, but weak. She would even take bites of food here and there.

Too many sitting vigil, too many personalities, too many just too many. And then most left, leaving my step father, my sister and me to care for Mom. Then the Journey slowed down…to a crawl. I started to google everything. The signs of death. The stages of death. How many times an hour should a dying person pee. What happens if they don’t eat anymore. Bed sores…don’t get me started about bedsores.

My Mom, little brother and I at the Grand Canyon in 1976 on a Nationwide road trip

Oh, and my worst fear, the vomiting bile thing. I googled it. The Hospice nurse said a hospice patient should poop every 3 days, if not, give them meds to poop. If they don’t poop it will come out by throw up. That happened to a neighbor. It was a horrible way to go at the end of it all. So I was very scared for my Mom having that same violent end. I had learned if Mom was not eating, maybe there wasn’t anything to Poop. I prayed to God himself that she would not have to go through that, and I tried not to worry about it anymore. I prepared myself for the worst (not really), but hoped for the best. Is there even a best in this situation?

Although the days start to blend into the next, I learn new things. I was pretty good at interpreting when Mom talked. It was barely an audible mumble, but sometimes I know exactly what she was saying. It just popped into my head. She no longer ate.. Google says a body can last quite a while without food. She got to the point she no longer needed to go onto a portable potty, then I wanted to know how often we should change her adult “briefs”? Google told me to check every two hours. One of my death bed super powers was googling.

Mom and I at the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco 1976

But the one thing I couldn’t find on the internet is any info at all on people with dementia, just short term memory loss, who are in hospice dying of cancer. Through this Journey, my Mom asked over and over and over again, “What is wrong with me? What caused it? What kind of cancer?” Will I get better? Am I going to die? Am I crazy? Are you going to send me to the nut house?” With every one of those questions, my heart broke.

My Mom did not know she was dying. She did not remember anything she was told after 5 minutes ago. It just left her mind. She talked about childhood stuff with her sister, but something that was said 5 to 10 minutes ago, nope. Gone. There is no support for people on this particular Journey. We are the blind leading the blind…to death. We had told her the truth countless times. We had told her she was very sick. We told she had the flu. We told her only God knows. We told her that maybe she would get better. Ok, not me. I never tell her she will get better, because part of me knew she knew. Deep down past her memory loss, she knew.

Mom all dressed up in our first FL home in early 1970s

Since my Mom didn’t outwardly know she was dying, I feared she would never just let go. The advice from friends and family was to make sure you, everyone, told her, that we all will be ok and it is ok to let go. Fine and dandy, but everyone has to tell her that every 5 minutes and it still wouldnt work. I had heard the stories. They all went like this…”The day after seeing my Grandma, she let go and died. We all left Dad to go out for lunch and he died when we were gone.” They were fantasies I had on that Journey. Everytime I went to leave the house I told my Mom Good bye, but then she asked me if I was coming back. I wanted to say, “Nope, this is the last time I will ever see you alive,” but I couldn’t, and just said, “I’ll be back soon.”

My brother left, Mom did not let go. My husband left, she did not let go. Even her sister left, she did not let go. My step father wouldn’t leave for more than 20 minutes and I don’t even think he told her he was leaving every time. She has gotten weaker, stopped eating, was barely talking, she stared off into space, and then started to sleep with her eyes open. I had dying Mom, others got rallying Mom. I was okay with it, I had made peace with Mom dying the first time she told the Patient Advocate in the hospital “If it’s my time to go I want to be at home.” It is her choice and I can not argue that.

Going way back to Christmas probably 1966

I have been avoiding the elephant in the post. The actual dying part. Death was actually my Mom’s Journey. My Journey was being part of her dying. I think everyone should see a baby being born, it is a miracle. I don’t believe everyone needs to be part of this life process. I do not find it miraculous at all. The human body, the machine that it is just doesn’t stop, is breaks down, piece by piece. First Mom stopped walking, then she stopped eating, she lost her strength to suck from a straw, talking was too much work for her, and then Mom lost control of her bladder. Then she got to the point of not even being able to swallow, when she was awake her eyes stare off into nowhere, her cheeks were sunken, most touch hurt her, she had bed sores, and she insisted she needed to get out of bed, that she had to pee, but she already went in her adult diapers. Mom got moved around like a human size human weight doll so we could change her briefs, to position her better, and to bath her. This is dying. My Journey was helping her with all that.

I held her hand, but I didn’t rub her skin with my finger, because she didn’t like that. I made sure the heals of her feet were not touching the bed. I put cream on her bed sores when I changed her briefs. I tried to figure out what her needs were, when she moved her lips I ask if if she wanted water, which we were giving to her through a dropper at that point. I tried distract her when she thought she wanted to get out of bed, by repositioning the bed or her legs. One of the last developments, is she wouldn’t take all her meds that were crushed up mixed with water and put into a dropper. I saw she could still swallows, but she refused. The meds were for pain and for the anxiety that goes along with dying. My own anxiety issues were at an all time high. I took extra meds. The last thing I wanted was for her to have pain or fear. I had to google if she would have pain and fear. Google was my death best friend.

Mom doing her “You Must Pay the Rent” routine

In my Journey, death is slow, it steals the person bit by bit, it breaks them down, it humiliates them, it frustrates them, it haunts them. And it does the some of same to their care-taking family as well. I am not comparing death with watching someone die, I am saying I experience these things in my own way on this Journey. At the end, I did not see my Mom in the shell of what was left of her body anymore. Every once in awhile, we got a glimmer, but it could just be the agitation stage of dying, not her being strong or sassy. I knew she still heard us and I felt she knew who we were, but I don’t know what she was thinking most of the time.

Last photo of us together taken 7 days from her hospital stay.

Sometimes, I broke down, I got weak, I was frustrated, I cried, I was exhausted, and I wanted it all to end. Honestly, I wanted it to end for me just as much as I wanted it for Mom. Does that make me selfish? I was not sure if she was suffering, but I felt she would be more at peace if she moved on. Or was that what just hope? I believed it. A year later I still believe it. I believe she was greeted by those that had moved on before her, even her pets. I didn’t just want to believe for Mom, but I believe that for when I move on too. I know I will see her again, just like I will see my Dad, who died from accident when I was 4 years old. But yes, I was ready, not ever really ready, but ready for Mom to move on.

This is the cute face I want to remember.

I fely like I was living in a Groundhogs Day Movie, but I could not make changes for the outcome to be better. Mom would always die in that movie of mine. We did the same things every day. I am not complaining, I was okay with Mom dying, even if I was never really not ready.

This is the sense of humor I want to remember.

Mom died 365 days ago and I’m still not sure I’ve mourned her. I’ve always been ok with death. My father died young from a freak accident, so I learned early about death. I never had a false sense that she would be here forever.

This is the silly I want to remember.

But she is here forever, in my heart, mind and soul.

Mommasan, Bye for Now and I Love You.

The last good bye after leaving 4 days before her illness got the best of her.

I was just going to start chronicling good bye photos…this was the first and the last .

Thank you for reading and visiting

Yep, during the pandemic I started a business selling Mid Century Stuff. I buy furniture, décor, clothes, kitchen items, barware…you name it…if it is from around 1950 to the 1970s, focusing on the 1960s, I’m interested in it. I buy stuff, and if the need be, I make it better, and then sell it.

Current Pieces I’m Working On. I actually designed that material because I could not find the color combo I wanted.

This is how it all started…2012 we bought a house that was built in 1964 and had never been updated. Cool original formica countertops, pink Jack & Jill bathroom, sunken living room and the such. We had no furniture for the house, so since we both like thrifting, flea marketing, picking and general good deals, we decided to go for the “Mad Men” Midcentury 1960s look.

Our Pink Jack & Jill Bathroom

We did our house Mid century down to the glasses and silverware. But once done, I still liked the hunt. So, at first I would just replace the new old stuff with my new finds…and then I sold the “old” on FB Marketplace or in a yard sale.

This was one of my recent keepers

But…We never lived in our home. We moved yearly for work projects and only visited our Mid Century Home…until the Pandemic hit.

Pandemic Lifestyle

Ok, Nothing to do for awhile, when the thrift stores and estate sales opened up again, I went, masked and bought and bought and bought! I had sold on Etsy for a few years, a few years ago, so I knew I liked it but I wanted to go bigger. By bigger, I mean, I wanted to buy and sell furniture too. I went to a local Antique Mall and signed up for, what I like to call, “My Shopito”.

Official Name of my Shopito is “My Gnome Little World”

So 10 months later, and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! I’m not making tons, but it’s a start. I give it around 20 hours a week most of the time. But between out searching and buying, cleaning and fixing up stuff, pricing, making price tags, tagging items, putting stuff in Shopito, or just moving stuff around in Shopito, doing the inventory and billing, some weeks it may go over 20 hours. Some weeks it may be less.

My husband and I like to pick together so it’s our fun together hobby, and we stop to take pictures, try a local micro brew pub and the such.

,The search and buying part isn’t always work. My husband and I like road trips and picking together, so it’s usually pure fun for us. I don’t want it to ever become “work” for me. What is work, is fixing up pieces. I don’t usually buy stuff that needs a complete refinish, but the table in the first photo, needed it. See last photo for the finished project.

Second coat of stripper.

I love challenging myself to do new processes to fix up stuff. It is hard sweaty work, but I love the result. Today I just stitched up some clothes. Never a dull moment buying and selling. I’m now selling more online through Marketplace and maybe Poshmark. I did 3 piece vintage bundles for Poshmark. I try new ways to sell, and if it doesn’t work, I try something else. Here are couple of my bundles.

Vintage Top, Necklace and Purse
Vintage Terry Clothe Beach Cover Up, Sun Visor and Flowery Straw Purse

Poshmark did not work for me, so now I have to figure another online outlet. It seems I’m not getting the same amount of views on FB Marketplace recently, since they added tax to my (shipping) items. I have sold over $599.00 through FB and now they tax my items. Is it that? I used Etsy in the past, but I’m not sure about going back to them. I was recommended Ebay. Should I? I need to do all my selling through my phone as it is just easier for me, photo wise and keeping on top of things when I’m not at my laptop which is hardly ever these days. I am taking online selling advice and opinions! Thank you in advance!

And Oh, on to other things! I also make and create! Anything from paintings to textile art. Here’s my latest for sale!

I call this “MacraLace Poof”!

And so that’s how it happened! Check my pages out please!

Here’s where and how to find me:



Facebook Marketplace:


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I am selling!!! But not through this Blog, Sorry! I sell some online, but mostly through Facebook Marketplace Locally and in my “in-person” Shopito in Melbourne, FL.

I have started to sell more through FB Marketplace Shipping, so I will I give you the page I use for selling. It is . My Business name is “My Gnome Little World” just like this page.

Please check out my Facebook Page also called “My Gnome Little World” @

Also Check out my Instagram @ !!!

Also please visit my new obsession, my TikTok Page. Oh yes, I did! Again, Look for MyGnomeLittleWorld !

Thanks for visiting. I swear I will be better at posting stuff…I think!

Happy Day


I’m Selling Here Now!!!

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I will try this format first and if I get popular enough, I will change to a better selling format.

I will update this site regularly with a few awesome items for sale!

Get this…Free Shipping!! Who am I kidding? You know the shipping costs get folded into the price, but I will be making the items affordable for you, my beloved customers.

For now you will need to send me your address to If this website lucrative, then I can make buying so much easier for both of us!

Oh the important part. How to pay? You can venmo or Zelle me at Dawn Balzarano / My Gnome Little World. Make sure I’m the right person please.

Ok, now you’ve seen some of the bigger Items I have sold…here are some smaller easier to ship items I have for sale.

Color Pop!
Approx 15″ x 15″

These two cutsie patoosties will make you smile for miles. Your 2021 so needs them.

They are vintage Hook rug Wall art from the 1960s/70s. See photo for size. Both are in excellent condition.

They are $25.00 each (remember that includes shipping) OR 45.00 for both.

Hot Diggity Dog!

Straw, string, linen…Oh My!
Great shape
Vintage Faded Glory….Who Knew?
I don’t think this one was ever used.
Cute coin purse / wallet

Oh my cuteness galore! I know we all haven’t been going many places…but get ready because the getting out and looking oh so awesome with a cute purse in hand days are a’coming again!

Faded Glory Straw Medium Size purse with flowers – $20.00

Straw, String, Linen Large-ish Purse – $22.00

Small Straw Change Purse / Wallet – $7.00

That’s it for Now!

As soon as an item sells I will delete it or mark it sold.

Please let me know what you think of this idea of mine and how I’m doing it.

Suggestions welcomed, Trolls are not!

Are you a Mid Century Lamp Lover?

How about those beloved fiberglass shades? To Die For.

But what about the broken damaged fit for the dump ones?

We must save them.

I’m not a professional lamp shade maker or refinisher or whatever you call people who fix lamp shades.

So those of you who are…move on.

This is Mid Century Fiberglass Lamp Shape Fixing 101.

Also there are different reasons to need to fix. The wire is broken, the strings are broken or the shade is broken. In all of these situations you need Step 1.

Step 1:

Get Gloves and Put Them On. Fiberglass is not a friend to your skin.


Take Shade Apart. Which is easy. This situation is a broken shade..mostly around string/wire/hole area so I just took shade apart. If not untie knots and unlace.

*Use gloves…seriously.

Step 3:

Broken Shade: I cut my shade at the top and bottom where it was damaged.

*If the the wire is broken fix with wire or soldering iron. If shade is completely broken use different material…mostly likely a light plastic for stiffness. If the string is damaged get new string. Mine was and decided to use what I had.

Step 4:

Punch Holes in Shade for Re-Lacing. Since this was a spur of the moment fix, again I went with what I had, a regular hole punch. I would go with a smaller hole option if i wasn’t impatient.

Step 5: Picking String.

I’m a string/twine addict so I had some to choose from. Twine was eliminated first. So I tried these two below. Again I went with what I had because of my excitement of fixing the shade! I probably would have went with a dark leather or synthetic leather if I wasn’t a “get it done now” freak. The dark string in back is the original.

* I like color of the waxed string but felt like it could cut the fiberglass too easy. So I went with the soft, so wrong color, cotton thicker string.

Step 6:

Lace back Up. Slow and steady to make sure “lace’ lays evenly.

*Since I cut my shade from top and bottom, the wire rings did not fit perfectly anymore, but I still pushed forward.

Finished the top and stopped to check my handiwork.

Not bad, eh?

Then I finished with the bottom.

Viola! Saved from the Fiberglass Lamp Shade Graveyard! Not perfect, but still looking pretty!

*If you noticed that my laces are going in two different ways…Damn you and your eye for detail!

No, I noticed I was doing that right away and checked my other lamps. The lacing goes in the same direction on them. But I decided to see what the opposite direction would look like.

**There you have it. In the photo my shade looks a bit crumpled. It is not.

I may go back with different string…but for now there she stays in my foyer.

*And yes, if looks uneven. It may be the way I cut it, or how it’s sitting on the lamp because we all know those shades never sit straight.

Thanks for visiting.

Feel free to ask questions!

Dabbling, not to be confused with Dabbing, the popular dance move.

You know that phrase, “Jack of all Trades”? Well, to me one must “Dabble” first before becoming a “Jack”. Dabbling to me, is when I start doing something new to me creatively.

I checked Wikipedia for the origins of “Jack of all trades” (because I am that person). Although now-a-days, I feel the phrase is a positive description, it started out as a dig to Shakespeare by the writer Robert Green in his 1952 booklet “Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit”.

It wasn’t until 1962 when a version of it appeared in the book “Essays and Characters of a Prison” by English writer Geffray Mynshul. He most likely wrote it when he was imprisoned for debt. I assume he was not a “Master” financier.

Which leads me to the added phrase, “A master of none”. This part of the phrase was added later and it was meant as a dig in jest. I also found that there was also another phrase added on to that as well, which I like, “Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than a master of one”.

I digress, let us get back to my dabbling. In between my musings above I gave you examples of my newest dabble. I am using paints now. I have always used paints but mostly spray paint and paint pens. I did even a brush now and then for furnishings and other upcycled projects. Now I have moved on to actually using brushes and sometimes, awesome vintage water color pencils, for art.

It all started when a dear friend, gifted a TON of art supplies to my 13 year old artist twin nieces. There was so much product, I kept some extra bits and parts for myself.

My talented nieces lived next door at the time. They came over with their now “tool” box filled of art supplies and we sat down to paint. Here are their paintings.


That’s a tough act to follow, so I thought about paintings I had seen in art galleries that I liked. I though Maybe I could do something like this Cézanne.

Or Maybe this Rothko…

Or Maybe not, but I tried.

And so, this is my first Acrylic painting!

I’m not sure it is up there with the greats, but I do so like it. I love the texture in it, that you can’t see here, but I laid it on thick. I love color and I am happy with this piece.

I enjoyed painting so much, I dabbled more. Here is my second acrylic piece. It’s called “Sand, Sea, Sky”, a subject that I have been obsessed with since we move near the beach on a Caribbean island.

It was based on a photo I took on an island off of Puerto Rico, called Vieques. It is a photo of what I love to call “island water”. It is that clear water with sea foam green slowly turning into hints of turquoise.

I played with those cool vintage water color pencils, that you can see in a photo up above, and created the piece below. I really like this one, almost love because art is so not perfect. I love how in some way the colors blend bleeding into each other, but then I also love how the green left stark lines above the yellow. I guess in a way I was trying to overlap the water over the sand like in the photo. The piece gives you an idea of the photo, but in it’s own way, separately, a piece of beauty.

A birthday card for my friend.

I already have another canvas set out for me to dabble more.

Who Knows…I may not even use paint. My other newest dabble, Sea Glass! I love hunting for it here where it is plentiful! I wonder often what to do with all the lovely of glass that has been softened into wonderful bits of art.

I am off to play with my photography now. I do dabble a lot.

Thanks for visiting My Gnome Little World. I never know will be happening up in here. Please come back!

Cacerola Girl: See Below for Explanation    (Not my Graphic)

The realization that things go wonky when I am around, or not long before or after I’m around, is a bit unnerving. The wonkies are mostly of the weather/natural disaster types, but there has also been political uprisings, wars and/or man made disasters. 

Here is the timeline:

1986:  My first international trip was to Europe. I went right after I graduated University. I did a 3 month backpackers trip around a month after Chernobyl blew up. I even went as far East as Budapest when I was there.  I am not even sure I knew much about it back then, as I was in college in a tiny town, studying for my final exams, getting ready to graduate, packing or selling my stuff, and I did not own a TV.  I think I ended up ok?

Screenshot (9)
Chernobyl (Not My Photo) 

1989: I took off for a month in Venezuela by myself.  After visiting Caracas for several days, I flew to Merida which is a cute mountain college town.  When I got there I noticed something was a bit off, small fires in the streets, but not many people. I heard there were protests going on.  I planned a trip into the Amazon jungle for several days, and when we got back, cars were burnt to a crisp in the center of town, windows were broken and graffiti covered the walls, but again it was oddly quiet.  I did no know it then, but it was one of the biggest and deadliest protest in Venezuela happened when we were in the Amazon Jungle. It is known as “Caracazo”. The Protests were in several towns, with Caracas having the biggest one and probably with the most deaths. One day I was walking around town and saw a bunch of police turn a corner, so me with my camera, I wanted to get some shots of what was happening.  I started down the empty street until a young stranger pulled me into a doorway.  She motioned for me to cover my mouth and then I followed her running into a what looked like a shut down business.  It was a bar.  When running I realized I was breathing in tear gas.  It burned my eyes, my throat and lungs.  I didn’t even see the tear gas being set off, after the smoke, it is just clear as air.  People in the bar handed me a beer and a wet towel. I chugged down the beer feeling some relief in my throat, and I used the towel to wipe my eyes which wouldn’t stop tearing up.  I was too shy to use my limited Spanish, but thanked them with a weak “por favor”.  They ended up convincing me to speak with them, because they liked the sound of how I spoke their language…grammatically wrong and everything.  I am glad to this day, that I got pulled out of the action as over 250 people died in those protest around the country. I have some photos of the protest or aftermath, but they were on film and are in a photo album stuck away in storage.  So I borrowed this photo.

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The protests are now known as Caracazo were held all over Venezuela.  Over 250 people died when the protests got violent. Not my Photos

Also in 1989, The San Francisco-Oakland Earthquake shook the entire Bay Area. I was front and center for it.  I and other’s were still in our office just talking when the 6.9 earthquake hit.  Luckily, no damage to our building happened, just an intense rolling movement.  I was meeting with a friend to go watch the Giants in the World Series at a bar.  He had to dodge falling brick and stuff as he was already outside in a less solid ground area.  I met up with him, even though the power was out.  We walked up to Coit Tower after it got dark and that is when the damage really got to me. It was pitch black all around the Bay and in SF with Fires here and there in the Oakland hills. 

Screenshot (10)
Part of the on ramp to the Bay Bridge Collapsed (not my photo)
Screenshot (11)
Apartment Building in the Marina Squished like an Accordian. (not my photo)

After that the 90’s were, I guess, quiet…around me at least.

1999: Jump ahead 10 years to when I visited my friend in Virginia Beach, VA and when Hurricane Floyd came to visit as well.  I was supposed to fly out, but all flights were cancelled, so we spent the long day without electricity playing games and trying to make a drink called the “Hurricane” with limited options of alcohol.

Screenshot (12)

2001: There was that trip to Egypt where I flew there 10 days after 9/11. The trip was already planned.  Yes, I went to a Muslim country, where one of the 9/11 pilots were from, but had been kicked out of his country for Terrorism in the Past.  I am a Honey Badger when it comes to my trips, I was not going to let the terrorists mess it up.  There was definitely a lot more guns around the country so said a local friend I stayed with, but no danger at all and not many tourists as well.  I’m so glad I went, because I feel Egypt will never be the same again.

Screenshot (14)
This was crowded compared to what it looked like when I was there…with the Chief of the Egyptian Police getting a private tour. (not my photo)

2005: We were going to meet up with a friend in New Orleans, so she and her husband could meet my fiance.  It was planned for October, 2001…a month after 9/11.  We never met up.  Hurricane Katrina hit. And hit hard.

Screenshot (15)
Not my Photo

2008: We were driving across the country and we planned to go to New Orleans, as Jim has never been there.  But noooo, another Hurricane was going to hit down around there.  Gustav did not do much damage, but we had gone north to get around it.  So to this day, we still have not gone to New Orleans and when we do, it will not being during Hurricane Season.

2009:  We lived in Honduras for 18 months and during that time, there was not only an Earthquake of 7.3, but there was a coup d’état where the Army removed the President from power.  What is amazing, is that a 7.3 earthquake did not do much damage at all, where in, say, San Francisco, there would have been buildings down.  It happened in the middle of the night and I truly thought I was going to wake up to crumble all over town, but no.  There was some damage, in other areas though.

Screenshot (24)

And the coup was no different, like you think there would have been an uproar in the streets, nope.  Si Quire Dios, “as God wants” is not just words, it is a “Thing” in Honduras.  The Military Government in power used to announce curfews for 4pm like at 3:45, so there was chaos as people tried to get home.  Life went on as usual in the most part.  When it first happened, I thought we would have to escape, because I thought it would crazy dangerous there, but for us it was not bad at all.  There were some killings of people that tried to go against the new regime, but no protests near us.  I guess I would not protest either if I thought I would be shot dead.

Screenshot (20)
I don’t have a photo of the Coup, but I do have one of me almost getting run over by the man that was ousted, President Mel Zelaya

2011:  We lived in Southern Vermont.  As far as disaster goes, you’d figure a blizzard or something like that, but no, another Hurricane hit when we lived there.  Hurricane Irene did a lot of damage all the way through it’s path including our small town of Brattleboro.

An art center built over the river had the floor drop out of it from raging rivers due to Hurricane Irene.

2015:  We move to Chicago during it’s 5th largest Blizzard in history.  It snowed 19.3 inches between late Saturday night and 6 a.m.  We all called it the “Super Bowl” blizzard, because it was the worse that day of the Super Bowl.  We crashed a Super Bowl party in our apartment building and watched the storm out of the floor to ceiling windows on the 30th floor.

After the snowing stopped the sleds came out outside out building.

2017:  The Napa, California Fires, and so many more happened when we lived not far away.  That year was the worst fire season ever regarding property damage.  We lived just outside San Francisco, less than 40 miles away and the whole area was blinded by smoke and everyone feared the fire would never go out or spread even more. It was devastating for those involved.

Screenshot (23).png
This is an old friends Winery in Napa.  The whole building was destroyed. I had many a good time in that building in the 1990s. (Photo by the Signorello Winery)

We were also in Florida for Hurricane Mathew that September. Not only us, but my sister and brother were there too, and we all hunkered down in my parents small house which is further away from the water than ours, and they have hurricane shutters.  We watched TV until the electricity went out and then we did a talent show to keep us entertained.  It hit while we were asleep that night, did not realize because we were in what I now call, Fort Knox.  Nothing but a lot of tree limbs, leaves, moss and branches down at both our house and my parents house, fortunately. We were super fortunate as a Tornado went down the backyards a whole block across the street.

Five People locked Inside a Hurricane Shuttered House for like 5 Days…We Survived the Hurricane and Family!

2019: This is where the Cacerola Girl comes in and will explain her at the end. We are now in the middle of a political uprising, living in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  After a published long list of sexist and hurtful chats between the Governor and his Cronies, the people of Puerto Rico, and me too, protested for the Governor to Resign and he did!  Something protesters do here is bang pots and pans.  Cacerola means pan in Spanish. Men, women and children do it, not just girls.  They not only bang pots while protesting in the streets, it was happening at 8pm every night from front doors, balconies, hotel rooms, and even work, until the Governor resigned. I got a pot and I’m ready to bang it! The new Governor is just as bad as the last one.

Screenshot (20)
This is Cacerola Girl!  She, alone, is protesting at the long line of cops with her pot and wood spoon.  She is my Hero! (Not my Photo)

There may be more protests, but let’s hope a Hurricane will not hit here this year. Cross your fingers for Puerto Rico, because they can’t handle another one.

I am sorry to everyone, if I really have had anything to do with any of them.  It’s probably just coincidence…right?

Thanks for visiting and reading about my bad luck!

Come back to see what I got going on next time.