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Yep, I know change is good. I was in a rut, a rut that not only put a dent in my couch, but also in my mental health. It was easy to pretend it was normal, especially when I talked to my doctor about it and they just ignored it. If them, why not me too? When I pushed them, they did low level blood tests and then told me I was fine. So fine I was.

(Photo: I’m fine. Really I’m fine.
Street art in my new (old) hood.)

But I was not and knew it. We moved and now I feel different inside. I am motivated to go out for walks, make art, take photos, lots of photos, even clean, but most importantly, write. I won’t write a lot, but here I am writing. Ok..who am I kidding, this may not be a lot to me, but to others it’s sooo long.

(Photo: A close up of my latest Artwork. It’s called      “Webbed Map of Life”. So many ins, outs, ups, downs, paths crossing, ties made, and it’s all an interconnected web.)

I still don’t know what was going on and I fear it will come back.  The immense lack of motivation that was running through my mind and body could be just sitting at bay, waiting for me to have one low moment or down day. 

(Photo: We can’t let our fears keep us locked up. If it comes back, I will fight with vengeance. Like someone locked up this abandoned building with vengeance.)

I was not in a depression, as far as I know.  Maybe I was, maybe it was an after pandemic lull, maybe I was just bored. My Mom always said, “Only boring people are bored.” So, I learned how to entertain myself. Maybe I forgot how for a year or two. Who knows?

(Video: I’m usually not bored…or boring. But I did a lot less of this silliness during that time period.)

Okay, maybe deep down I know why I was in a rut and unmotivated, but I will leave that reason to myself. Yes, I am usually an open book most of the time, but sometimes there are things that are not important to the big story so you can leave it out or even skip over that page and not miss a beat.

(Photo: Some windows are open for all to peak in…but some are closed leaving a mystery behind.)

Since it is Mental Health Awareness month, I do want to say the following. Although I am not sure if my issue was a mental health issue or not, I just know things will get better. I visualize a tiny light at the end of a tunnel. It seems far away and unobtainable, but you will get to the end of that tunnel soon. Keep on pushing doctors to help, do your own research, make changes, reach out for help from friends, family or even strangers. Strangers sometimes help the best.

(Photo: It is shaded up front on the patio, but yet sun beams down on a plant inside.  Help can come in unexpected places and ways.)

I know this because I am a stranger that people talk to about their problems. I am serious, they do because I am a natural empath.  I have blocked some of it away, because with being a sensitive comes pain. Strangers unload and then I move on. No lasting connections, strings, or feelings to hurt down the road.

(Photo: Just taking photos of strangers.)

Take care of yourself, and also be there for someone soon, very soon. Don’t wait, self care, reach out and make that call, text, or commment…just do it.

(Photo: Looking for seaglass heals my soul.)

Happy Mind, Unwind.

Unload Stress, Rest.

No Doubt, Reach Out.

Make Change, Widen Your Range.

(Photo: This one here is the picture of self care…and he reaches out to help me too.)

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I hope you are happy, find happy, or maybe redefine what happiness is really is to you.