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What Do you Do When you Have to Move…

and Need to Downsize Tons?

From RedTable

And No One Wants to Buy your Hoopty 50’s Style Hill Billy Front Porch Picnic Table?

From RedTable

You Fix it Up and Five it to a Young Adult for her First Apartment!

But First, I Had to Access the Situation…

From RedTable

The Top Was Good!


From RedTable

The Trim was Not!

From RedTable

Nor Were a Couple of the Legs!

So I Started with…

From RedTable

Removing All the Trim.

And Then I had to Figure out What to Put There?

From RedTable

But Before that… I Painted all the Wood White.

From RedTable

Looking Good!

Oh Boy, I got Creative with the Trim!

From RedTable

Oh, Yes I Did!

From RedTable

After I Sampled it!

From RedTable

And Decided it Would Work Perfectly!

From RedTable

And It Did!

From RedTable

Around the Corners…

From RedTable

And Close Up!

From RedTable

The Drawer Even Got Purdied-Up!

From RedTable

Tea Time!

From RedTable

It is So Cute, it is Making the Hill Billy Front Porch Look even More Hoopty!

From RedTable

It Looks So Good Now…

You Forgot about the Legs!

From RedTable

Although I just painted them, you could use a wood putty to re-shape them.

Next Time…

When I Have More Time and Less to Do.

Like Pack. Sigh.

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Life is Too Short to Just Put Paintings on Our Walls…

From MyHomeDecor

Or Books on Our Shelves.

(You Can find this wall art at Vintage Gas Stove Grates)

From Unusual Decor

(You can find this Cooper’s Hoop Driver Folk Art at Folk Art Tools)

How About Books On the Walls…

From Craft Ideas From PR!

This Book Cover Art Works for Me!

(Found in a cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico!)

And this So Very Beautiful Thing…

From Unusual Decor

Would Match This Cool Industrial Wheel Folk Art Rather Well!

(The Above Piece Could be Found at Honey Blossom Studio)

From Unusual Decor

How cool is that?

(Found at a MA Auction)

And how about Blossoms that Bloom all year-long?

From BrassFlowers

Rusted Railroad Screw Spikes and Up-cycled Vintage Brass Curtain Tie-backs make an Awesome Bouquet!

And for more color…

From Unusual Decor

How about this Bundle of Fun up-cycled colored metal!

(This piece can be found at Industrial Bloom )

And speaking of color…

From Unusual Decor

How about a mini croquet set to snazz things up a bit?

(This piece can be found at MINI CROQUET)

Vintage Sporting Goods and Color?  The options are limitless!

From Unusual Decor

Fun old pool balls in a cool old box!

(This piece can be found at Fish Legs )

And for less color…

From Unusual Decor

Love the feel and look of an old baseball, and a basket of them is even better!

(The piece can be found at Chaps and Rascals )

Staying with the old in mind, but moving away from sporting goods…

From Craigslist Ads

And going Industrial!

Like an old tool box, or even better, a vintage Votive Candle Mold Folk Wall Art!

(The candle mold can be found at Rusted Metal )

Metal of another kind!

From Craigslist Ads

Pots, Pans, Strainers…are all cool wall art!

(These items can be found at Enamel Ware )

Let’s saunter away from metal.

(Because metal is just too cool to walk away from…sauntering seems right and make sure look over your shoulder at it before it goes away.)

Take a deep breath…

More fun to come!

Let’s linger around another cool idea!  

The re-use of a useful item of days gone by for decor!

From Craigslist Ads

A 1800’s Dough Bin to hold throw blankets, pillow, magazines, games…

Whatever you need to store…

It will look Oh-So-Loverly in an Old Box of any kind!

(You can find this particular one at OLD WOOD )

 To finish up, let’s go circular!
From Craigslist Ads

Vintage Chenille in Vintage Metal Needlepoint Hoops!


(The can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )

And for a Modern Turn…

From Unusual Decor

So Cute!

(These can be found at JoeMomma )

And if you want curtains that are NOT curtains….

From Craigslist Ads

Then these are for you!

(They can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )




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That’s my Motto…

From Market Day

Even on My First Ever Market Selling Day!

From Market Day

It was a fun experience, even though I have to shed product for a move we will be making.

From Market Day

Like Our Creel Mailbox!

From Market Day

And These Cool Things!

We do not know where we will be moving to yet…

From Market Day

But as always, we follow the husband’s work!

From Market Day

Always exciting, always interesting, always an adventure….

From Market Day


From Market Day

No, The Husband Was Not Bored!

Neither Was this Piece, as it Was the Favorite Piece of the Day…

From Market Day

It Got so Much Attention, and It Is Still Available!

From Market Day

As Are These Weigh Cool Scales!

It Was a Beautiful Day…

From Market Day

And the Colors are Just Starting to Change!

Beautiful, Just Like Our…

Favorite Customer of the Day!

From Market Day

93.5 year old reading up on how to make empanadas!

As the Day Wound Down, I Took a Break From Yelling,


From Market Day

And Put My Feet Up On a Cool Little Stool for Sale!

We Shed Some Product…

From Market Day

And Enjoyed a Nice Day Outside and Together!

Good Day!

From Market Day

And Good Night Everyone!

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Our bed is now…

That is!

This project has history and of course, chatty me has to tell you about it!

But I will make it fun…

I swear!

It All Started with This:

From Bed Project

Oh, Yes It Did!

The huge white shelves on the right in the garage came with the house when we bought it.

For some reason, the husband, had to tear them down and they were monsters!

Mind you, there now are metal shelves exactly where these used to be? Don’t ask me!

Anyway, they were monsters because each section is at least 7.5″ long and made of at least 1.5″ thick plywood, with little pieces of woods attached to both sides (to place shelves)!

Can you say super heavy and awkward?

From Bed Project

What is worse, the husband would not let the contractor take them away!

So my mind went to work!

What could I do with these???

From Bed Project

Aha! We did not have a bed frame!

So, I decided I could use the Monsters for a Platform Bed Frame!

The husband nixed this idea for almost a year!

From Bed Project

But I finally went forward with my design vision!

From Bed Project

Yes, we are in our 40’s and our bed is now sitting on cement blocks, or should I say…

Cool Industrial style legs!

After cleaning…

I sprayed painted!

From Bed Project

And kept on painting! Those suckers are big, even if I did not have to paint the full sides!

From Bed Project

After painting, had to transport the monsters to the bedroom.

Huff Puff, Ouch, Oooh, Wait, Okay, Got It!

For some reason these monster garage shelves had trim on them, who puts trim on a garage shelf?

From Bed Project

I had to take some trim off (or shall I say, “The husband had to take the trim off), to use it for the end to make for a more finished look.

From Bed Project

I thought those funky little pieces of wood that stick out (which I like to call “nobbies”) would make the Monsters look cool as a Platform Bed Frame.

From Bed Project

And I was right! It does look cool!

From Bed Project

But I have to admit…

The vision of this whole bed was kind of like this:

What I forgot is that we have a box spring!

Which makes ours just, ha, a tad bit higher!

From Bed Project

But I still like it!

There needs to be some tweaking on the end part that sticks out at the end.  Tweaking,  not to be confused with twerking (which by the way that area is perfect for dancing on top of, you know).

In my design mind’s eye, it was supposed to be a seating area, but now we lovingly refer to it as “The Diving Board!”

From Bed Project

Picture this…running through the house, sliding around the corner into the bedroom trying not to lose speed, continuing toward the bed stepping up with one foot up on that end part, giving just the right thrust to DIVE into the bed!

Yes, we really are in our 40s!  And ahem, we have both tested the diving board and my platform bed frame is that strong!

But no, I am thinking a long thin bench style cushion for that area in complimentary colors would make for that nice low seating area I had in mind.

Do you have any other ideas I could do with that area (maybe steps for our aging cat)??

If so send me some suggestions in the comment area please!
I can’t wait to read them!

Okay, I should have made sure the bed looked a bit better for these photos, but you get the point!

PS…Even though the husband was not into this particular design idea, even with the nay saying, he kept on helping out! I now thank him for the trim removal, trim adding, monster lugging and block carrying help he did provide! We are kind of getting good at The GnoMAD PAD team projects! Click here to see our House Number Team Project: PROJECT FOR TWO!

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