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Although those days are long gone, I hope….


That is what I have been doing…

It started with a chair I did quite awhile ago now. You can see it at BELT CHAIR !

After collecting more belts and having several ideas that I never started.

This rustic chunk of wood came into my life.

From 2014 Projects

Lovely with all the nails with bits and pieces of material and vinyl of days gone by stuck to them.

From 2014 Projects

It, too, sat around for awhile.

From 2014 Projects

Until I decided to paint it, that is.

Which I did not like at all.

From 2014 Projects

Then I took the sander to it.

I loved it and at first came up with the idea of putting colorful plastic rulers on the top,

Another collection of items I have laying about.

From 2014 Projects

But the leather belts won out!

From 2014 Projects

After attaching the top belts, including 2 old western style ones with the names Garrett and Jack on them,

I decided to wrap the top edge with 2 buckled belts.

From 2014 Projects

And There you Have it!

Even though I love it, I made it to sell. You can purchase it here BELT BENCH! !

Can you guess how I used belts on the piece below?

From 2014 Projects

Guess before you scroll down!

Okay, Now start to scroll!

From 2014 Projects

First, I removed the heart “doors” and painted it!

From 2014 Projects

And then started to add the belts…
Yes, White leather belts!

From 2014 Projects

I put them across the back and wrapping two around the whole piece.
And as you can see, I played with buckles for extra decor.

From 2014 Projects

But ended using upholstery Studs instead.

This is also for sale, but comment below if you are interested in it!

What can you make with old belts?

Here is another project I have in the making…

From 2014 Projects

An Old Suitcase Valet…

From 2014 Projects

Turned Side Table!

I use it in my own home without attaching the belts.

Any other suggestions for this piece?

If you are interested in seeing what else I make for sale or my old things for sale,

Please visit my online shop at OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

Thanks for visiting and now, GO CREATE!


Summer Loving…

Is a Great Time to Craft!

And Since Summer is Over…

It is a Great Time to Get Back to Blogging, especially since I have not posted crafts in quite a while!

The following projects will have to do with items in the photos from my last past, HOW WE MAKE A HOUSE A HOME OVER AND OVER AGAIN .

I’m feeling frisky, let’s start in the bedroom!

Get your mind out of the gutter, we just needed some storage! I found this, yes without a drawer, for cheap!

From 2014 Projects

I saw it and had an idea which I had to talk The Hub into, as usual.

Sanding came first…

From 2014 Projects

And then the painting!

From 2014 Projects

Have I ever told you, “I don’t like painting.” But it was worth it, especially with my decision to paint this one area red as it goes with the soda crates I am going to use as storage really well!

Next Decision…

From 2014 Projects

What kind of Knobs?

From 2014 Projects

Neither one of those…
Something Completely Different!

From 2014 Projects

My Dresser, craft storage, make-up and hair do-ing area! Done and Done!

Continuing on with the Bedroom…

From 2014 Projects

The Wall Decor!

Although I have no photos to show how I did this…

From 2014 Projects

I am confident that you can take a needlepoint hoop, material and do it yourself!

The interesting thing is that some of the material I designed myself. Oh yes, I did!

You can see how I did this in one of my first posts on this blog at WHO KNEW?

Don’t mind the bikes…
They were part of the decor for a while!

Now on to the kitchen and the ever-changing lights!

From 2014 Projects

I started out with this yoke double light. I just used two small work lights, but took off the pinching attachments.

From 2014 Projects

I wound the wires around the rings for them to blend in and put the wire in the back of the yoke to hide them there as well.

From 2014 Projects

And there you have it!

But then I had more stuff and got creative…

From 2014 Projects

This is what you do with an old soda shop crate, an old colander, an old dog chain and a light fixture!

From 2014 Projects

Pretty much straight forward…
Put a hole in the colander, put the light fixture through it and then through the crate and line wire along the center chain.

From 2014 Projects

And there have it, once again.

Now, to the front porch!

From 2014 Projects

It all started with this 75 cent table that was falling apart.

Literally, it is made of particle board which was dripping apart slowly!

From 2014 Projects

I used glue, in the form of Modge Podge and an old book to keep it all together. I decoupaged underneath it where it was also falling apart!

From 2014 Projects

And I painted it.
Again with the painting!

From 2014 Projects

It has sat on my front porch for over 4 months and no more falling apart!

From 2014 Projects

“Awwwwesooome,” if I do say some myself!

The table sits in front of another one of my summer loving projects!

From 2014 Projects

And it all started with these…

From 2014 Projects

Which I painted. What is with all this painting?

In the above photo there are pieces of wood in the background which I put across the seats of the chairs.

From 2014 Projects

On top of the slats I placed lots of pillows (yard sale finds). The seating pillows needing hiding…

So I put a vintage 1970 avocado green round table cloth with fringe on them.

I am sure you are interested in why I went that color and style, right?

Well, it is the only thing I found to match this…

From GnomeShackPorch

Which I already had on the front porch!

But, wait…there is more for the porch.

From 2014 Projects

Look What I did to this thing to match the other things.
Oh so Matchy Matchy…

From 2014 Projects

But not too matchy matchy, right?

And here are a few more touches!

Plain ugly rug that The Hub insisted on buying….

From 2014 Projects

Meet Spray Paint and a Stencil!

From 2014 Projects

Not sure I love the turn out…
But anything is better than that the original fugley thing!

From 2014 Projects

Oh and Look what I did with the tons of twigs that fall in my yard!

From 2014 Projects

Twig Garland!

And yes, I added a mosquito net to the Porch Lounger! Love it, Right?

And I know you will love this too…

From 2014 Projects

So much cuteness mushed together right next to the front door under the maibox…
What a Greeting!

Have fun making your own stuff…
I hope I motivated and inspired you!


And just to let you know…
I sell old things and things I make from old things!

If you are interested please visit my shop, OUR OWN BIG WORLD!