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Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

When life gives you lemons,

Make Lemonade!

When you buy two old brass curtain Tie-backs,

Make Flowers!

From BrassFlowers

And I started to glue to set them in place!

From BrassFlowers

I could have cut the screw part of the tie-back, but I do not like to change items like that unless they want to turn back into their original use one day!

From BrassFlowers

Twin Twirling!

I used more glue to set the twine too!

From BrassFlowers

One Down One To Go!

From BrassFlowers

Look at Those Cute Little Lovelies!

From BrassFlowers

Shine On!

From BrassFlowers

I have been so busy buying, photographing, editing and putting items up for sale, I have not been doing that much in the arts and crafts department, so taking the time to do this quickie was really fun and appreciated!

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