Buttons aren’t just for clothing anymore…

Especially cool old Buttons!  

I pulled out my small collection the other day when I wanted to snazz up a few other things.

And here is how it went!

The below were just plain old round colored cardboard boxes.

From Button Up


So easy…old buttons and some burlap!

From Button Up

Oh, and Mod Podge, gotta love the Mod Podge!

Wait, and some glue!

I used the Modge Podge to adhere the burlap and after that was dry, I glued on the buttons.

From Button Up

Sassy & Brassy!

From Button Up

Golden Girls!

They were so cute, I did not stop there!

From Button Up

This nice piece of pottery had the word “Utensils” across the front.

Why? I mean, if the utensils were in it, couldn’t you tell what was in it?

So, I got rid of it and prettied it up with some vintage white buttons!

From Button Up

I really like how it came out!

Can’t wait to use it now!

Any button will do…glue it on, sew it on, or even use wire for jewelry…



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