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I have been using food jars to store my crafting and arts bit and pieces….

but could no longer handle the glass not being clear and the branding on the tops!


From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I went crazy with the yellow, Yes…

But yellow IS awesome!

That was after I soaked and removed the labels and then used “Goof Off” to take off any date stamps and left over label glue!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I know the trend is to paint the item glued on top too…

But I like the my toppers in the NUDE!

From Jars & Swirly Love Pieceof my toppers have meaning to me too!

And some of the toppers even have meaning to me!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

Okay, just one!  

Like the green VW Bug is a gift I gave my husband as a joke, because we play “Slug Bug” all the time!

Note: We only do old bugs & buses…other wise we would be too bruised!

But I do have to say I LOVE the doll hands….funky in a creepy way!


I am keeping 3 of them, and I decided to put the two with old knobs in it in my shopito to see if I can sell some old inventory that I haven’t used! Paint it, shine, put it in a fun bottle…and maybe it will sell!


The below piece I did not dedicate a whole post to because I did not photograph it along the way.

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

It all stemmed from making the “flowers” for a wreath I made in a previous post.

Click below to see my “How To!” post!

Upcycle Wreath!

From How To – Wreath

Cutting, folding and rolling magazine paper flowers takes a lot of time!

From How To – Wreath

But the work was well worth it because…

I love with swirly, whirley, twirly look to them!

From Jars & Swirly Love Piece

I had a wood photo piece that  needed a punch of texture…

So, added felt & magazine paper loves on it!

Completing my Swirly, Twirly, Whirley Bundle of Fun!

Click below if you want to see my Wood Photo “How To!”

Photo on Wood Projects

Now, to my shopito to add, move around, and hopefully sell the hell out of…

My Old Things, Cool Stuffs, Funky Art, Clever Crafts, Upcycle Pieces, and of course, Loverly Antiques!



So this is what I did while the rain was pounding down and wind whipping around…

From 20120827_0026

During Tropical Storm Isaac hitting my neck of the woods!

From Thumbtack Ball

And with being stuck inside for two days in a row…I do think the glass of wine was essential!

All you need is…

1) Styrofoam Ball
2) Thumbtacks
3) If you want extra decorations…you can use cute brads.
4) You shouldn’t need glue, but to make them really secure you can use glue of any kind.
5) Time and really, not even tons of it!
6) Wine isn’t really essential!

From Thumbtack Ball

Cute Flower Brads!

From Thumbtack Ball


From Thumbtack Ball

With the ball, not the wine!

From Thumbtack Ball

Ball Scales! Love it!

And now it is nestled…

From Thumbtack Ball

In with some of my other black, white and silver-colored balls in my vintage enamel pans!

You do know I am kind-of obsessed with decorative balls, don’t you?

Globe Balls = 5

From My Balls!

Silver, White, Black & Sliver Balls = 11  (See Photo Above)

Turquoise / Blue Balls = 8

From My Balls!

Vintage Sporting Balls = 8

From My Balls!

Orange/gold/Reddish Balls = 14

From My Balls!

Rope/String/Rattan Ball = 4
Green Balls = 7
The rest of My Balls = 7

From My Balls!

(Mind you I have gotten rid of some of my repeat Balls)

All my Balls = 64

(and I have to admit…I have only made two of them!  This one and scroll down on this blog and find the moss one I recently made).

64 Decorative Balls = Obsessed!

I am obsessed and I am okay with it.

Because I have decorative ball collecting rules!

1)  Must not have one like it

2)  Must pay under $6.00, but usually under $5.00)!

Now back to waiting for the Tropical Storm to really pass Southern Florida!

Prayers and good thoughts go out to wherever that thing will hit land!


What do you do when you have a funky piece of “art” in an old cool frame?

From String Weaving Art

Find some string…

From String Weaving Art



From String Weaving Art

Figure out your design…

From String Weaving Art

And your color pallet!

From String Weaving Art

Oh, and we can’t forget…

The Accessories!

From String Weaving Art

String and Felt Flowers!

From String Weaving Art

I have to admit…I luuurve these!

From String Weaving Art

Now find the perfect place for the flowers!
(Ahem…maybe where you may think there are imperfections…Maybe?)

From String Weaving Art

And there you have it…

A new bright cheery piece!

From String Weaving Art

And yes…everything is for sale!

But right now…

It is happily placed on the wall in our living room until I am ready to let it go!


Everyone loves a Puppet!

So, make one…or two!

And then…

Write a puppet play!

When all said and done…

You have several activities and lots of fun!

I used pre-made puppet packets from Michael’s that I bought for cheap!

But of course you can use old socks, bits and pieces of stuff around the house and glue to make your own puppets!

Ha, I just made one with a sock my brother left behind! An old sock, paper and a piece of twine!

I like to call him…

From Puppet Play

Maaaster Rrrrrhino!

Now the First Character my nieces made:

From Puppet Play

Darkness, The Evil Ghost!

And then…

From Puppet Play

Ghost, Darkness’s Bumbling Sidekick!

We also needed a Pretty Victim!

From Puppet Play

So Brittney was created!

And now, of course…

We needed a Hero!

From Puppet Play

From Puppet Play

Super Freddy!

While they were making their characters we all talked about the “play.”

Auntie Dawn wrote it all down. We practiced, laughed and had fun!

The finished product!


Enjoy Enjoy!


I always try to be prepared with activities to do when with my young nieces and nephew!

And this past trip to California gave me another chance for us to play together again!

So…for some CLEAN fun we made some SOAP CLOUDS!

Yes, I said…SOAP CLOUDS!

And then when we were done…we made small shaped soaps!

Oh yes, we did!

Here’s is how we did it!

1) Get a bar of IVORY soap…for every child (of any age)!

2) Place a bar of soap on paper towel in a microwave!

From Soap Clouds

Yes, I said…place a bar of IVORY soap on a paper towel in a microwave.

Take out the turn table and put the time for around 2.5 minutes (stop when it looks ready to you).

3) Watch the bar of soap grow into a “cloud!”

From Soap Clouds

4) Play with Soap Cloud!

From Soap Clouds
From Soap Clouds

5) Then start mushing it down to a powdery consistency!

From Soap Clouds

6) Add water to make it more liquid…but not too much water!

From Soap Clouds

7) Put into forms (we used their Mom’s cookie cutters)! And let sit until completely dry.

From Soap Clouds

A lot of Cookie Cutters!

From Soap Clouds

8) And now you have your own personally shaped soaps!

From Soap Clouds

A very cool, messy but clean, and fun activity…that keeps the kids busy for quite some time!

And the kitchen smells like nice clean soap afterwards!

Good Times with mis sobrinos!