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I have a thing for circles, balls, orbs, globes, pizzas…anything round!

So I buy needlepoint hoops, lots and lots of needlepoint hoops.

Mind you, I do not do needlepoint!

But I do love cool retro looking material.

So, I put the two together and this is what I got!

From Button Up

This little cutie consists of three different size hoops, 3 different sample pieces from JoAnne’s and some twine.

I did glue them together, so it is a just hang one thing wall decoration!

Note to self, iron material next time!

For those that can not commit to 3…I give you this:

From Button Up

Not attached for cases where just one or two will do!

PS…the lint and stuff on the floor do not come with hoops!

I have saved the largest hoops (one really big…others quite large) for the wall on our new dining room.

Now on to something different.

I like frames, and I could not pass up this little metal one with tiny crosses!

From Button Up

I found a map, which I also love..and this little fleur de lis was calling my name.

From Button Up

All together, and they make an interesting conversation piece!

Circles, Frames and Maps…I wish I only like those 3 things!

Whatever it is for you…find new uses for your favorites!



I would be a fabric designer???

And you can be one too!

This awesome website makes it easy peasy!

I just found out they do wallpapers too!

How cool is that…designing your own wallpaper for your living room or fabric for a dress?

Here is what I came up with using photos of stuff, including my art.

From My Fabric Designs!

You ou can edit and manipulate  the original coloring too!

The options are limitless, still so excited about this new find!

I would never pay $5.00 for such small pieces of fabric, but since I designed them, of course I did!

But get this…once you do that, you can get paid for anyone buying your design!  Cool, huh?

Not sure if I am going to allow that or not, but it is an option!

My favorite, so far:

From My Fabric Designs!

Swirly Love!

But then again, there is this one:

From My Fabric Designs!

Mid-Century O’Clock!

Okay Okay, you get the point, I luuurve my designs!

And one day they will be Wall Art!

First, a warning…I was stuck in the outskirts of nowhere waiting for our car to get a trailer hitch put on it.

So when stuck for two hours, what do you do….the below!

From My Fabric Designs!

Mind you, this is just a sample of what I will do on my dining room wall.  

Ha, although I do like the rough background this green sidewalk makes!

I have collected hoops of all sizes, many more than shown in these photos.

From My Fabric Designs!

You will notice, I have not cut the material yet either!  Some tucks would just not stay long enough for the photo!

From My Fabric Designs!

I love circles!

From My Fabric Designs!

Now, I am thinking of making a design for our bedroom headboard!  

Like I said, the options are limitless!  

Try it out, you will love it!