I have been using the name “My Own Little World” for a lot of the stuff I have made throughout my life.  When I finally met my soul mate later in life, I started using “Our Own Little World.”

But this is a gosh darn big world…and it needs saving…one CRAFT at a time!

I love making things and I love the earth!

So…I married those two loves and the outcome is arts, crafts and things made from old and used things!

I hope you like the blog, the things I make and my “How To Makes.”

Please feel free to comment and ask questions!

– db! –

  1. elaine says:

    what a delight!!! your blog has been such a wonderfully inspiring blog with ideas that are your own and not a spin off of everyone elses – ah such a freshness! unfortunately i could not figure out how to subscribe, so if you might help me out and hook me up, i’d so appreciate the help. oh, and if i might ever send you an idea of my own to inspire you in return – it would be my hearts joy!

    • HenderBalz says:

      WOW…what nice things to say! Thank you so much! Ha! I just put in the subsribe/follow/Be Part of OUR OWN BIG WORLD! button on the site! Doh! Do you have a blog? Let me know!

    • - db! - says:

      Wow, I just read this awesome comment! Sorry! I guess I never put up a subscribe button! I will get on that and sorry again for the way over due response!

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