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Life is Too Short to Just Put Paintings on Our Walls…

From MyHomeDecor

Or Books on Our Shelves.

(You Can find this wall art at Vintage Gas Stove Grates)

From Unusual Decor

(You can find this Cooper’s Hoop Driver Folk Art at Folk Art Tools)

How About Books On the Walls…

From Craft Ideas From PR!

This Book Cover Art Works for Me!

(Found in a cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico!)

And this So Very Beautiful Thing…

From Unusual Decor

Would Match This Cool Industrial Wheel Folk Art Rather Well!

(The Above Piece Could be Found at Honey Blossom Studio)

From Unusual Decor

How cool is that?

(Found at a MA Auction)

And how about Blossoms that Bloom all year-long?

From BrassFlowers

Rusted Railroad Screw Spikes and Up-cycled Vintage Brass Curtain Tie-backs make an Awesome Bouquet!

And for more color…

From Unusual Decor

How about this Bundle of Fun up-cycled colored metal!

(This piece can be found at Industrial Bloom )

And speaking of color…

From Unusual Decor

How about a mini croquet set to snazz things up a bit?

(This piece can be found at MINI CROQUET)

Vintage Sporting Goods and Color?  The options are limitless!

From Unusual Decor

Fun old pool balls in a cool old box!

(This piece can be found at Fish Legs )

And for less color…

From Unusual Decor

Love the feel and look of an old baseball, and a basket of them is even better!

(The piece can be found at Chaps and Rascals )

Staying with the old in mind, but moving away from sporting goods…

From Craigslist Ads

And going Industrial!

Like an old tool box, or even better, a vintage Votive Candle Mold Folk Wall Art!

(The candle mold can be found at Rusted Metal )

Metal of another kind!

From Craigslist Ads

Pots, Pans, Strainers…are all cool wall art!

(These items can be found at Enamel Ware )

Let’s saunter away from metal.

(Because metal is just too cool to walk away from…sauntering seems right and make sure look over your shoulder at it before it goes away.)

Take a deep breath…

More fun to come!

Let’s linger around another cool idea!  

The re-use of a useful item of days gone by for decor!

From Craigslist Ads

A 1800’s Dough Bin to hold throw blankets, pillow, magazines, games…

Whatever you need to store…

It will look Oh-So-Loverly in an Old Box of any kind!

(You can find this particular one at OLD WOOD )

 To finish up, let’s go circular!
From Craigslist Ads

Vintage Chenille in Vintage Metal Needlepoint Hoops!


(The can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )

And for a Modern Turn…

From Unusual Decor

So Cute!

(These can be found at JoeMomma )

And if you want curtains that are NOT curtains….

From Craigslist Ads

Then these are for you!

(They can be found at ARTS, CRAFTS & THINGS )




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Since we moved without much of anything…

I put my crafting, antiquing and art skills to the test…

To furnish and decorate our apartment!

From MyHomeDecor

Yes, I could show you things we found for a great deal,

(Although, I will give you an idea of how little money you need to decorate for yourself!)

This post is more about doing things a big different!

Like in the above photo, where I used twin wicker headboards behind the dresser and under the mirror for an added splash of sass!

(This entire  scene cost us under $60.00! Yes…really!  Okay, the photos/frames are not included as we had them already)

Staying in the bedroom, I want to show you our “night stands.”

From MyHomeDecor

I had these vintage suitcases already which I use to lug about my art/craft supplies.

Empty now, they are put to good use as our night stands.

From MyHomeDecor

(I bought the suitcases at antique stores and auctions, and I always look for them at thrift stores as well.  These can be  priced a bit too high at times, so it took some time to collect these for the right prices!)

Now, onto the kitchen!

From MyHomeDecor

Needed a curtain that would not block out the light in the kitchen window…

From MyHomeDecor

But block the view from the upstairs neighbors using the stairs.

From MyHomeDecor

I think it works!

Old needlepoint hoops I had lying around (uh, not that I needlepoint though), some fabric, string…

And there you go…

An unusual curtain!

(I happened to have all the supplies on hand being the craft supply hoarder that I am, but you can get needlepoint hoops at thrift stores all day long, as well as material either from cheap clothes, sheets, towels, fabric and so on. You can also get material samples from fabric stores for $1.00 – $2.50 each)

And now, something else for the kitchen…

Or where ever you want really as they are that cool!

From MyHomeDecor

Yes, they are vintage gas stove burner grates!

I love the simplicity, but oh so cool, look of them!

Perfect for some blank walls in my kitchen.

From MyHomeDecor

(See previous post to find where I got them, MY NEW FAV PLACE! ..I recommend you find your own).

And here is something for the blank walls in our bathroom!

From MyHomeDecor

More needlepoint hoops, but these are vintage metal ones which I happen to love.

From MyHomeDecor

Cutout designs from a vintage chenille white twin bedspread…

Make for more fun simple decor!

From MyHomeDecor

(I had the hoops as I bought a big bag of  needlepoint hoops for $5.00 last year!  I just found the twin chenille bedspread at the local thrift store for $3.00.)

And speaking of the bathroom…

From MyHomeDecor

Although I made these lights last year, I finally put them to good use…

From MyHomeDecor

Over our claw foot tub!

(You can find the vintage tin food strainers at thrift stores for under $4.00 or under $10.00 at antique stores.  This is blog post on how I made them, STRAIN YOUR LIGHT!, check it out).

And one more for the bathroom!

From MyHomeDecor

Buckets and bottles…

Why Not?

Especially in a bathroom with no storage!

Who wants to see deodorant containers, mouthwash bottles, and Q-Tip packaging?

Not me!

(I had the buckets, as you may know I go weak-at-the-knees for anything galvanized steel, but you can pick them up anywhere for cheap from thrift shops, craft stores or even those…gasp…big box stores. The vintage wine decanter come mouthwash bottle I recently found for $3.00 on sale at an antique store, and the Apothecary/Candy Jar was $1.00 at a thrift store).

If you too want to re-purpose stuff of find things for cheap to decorate your home, just start looking at everything differently and in new places!

From MyHomeDecor

(Above early 1900s rickety old rocking chair was 5.00 at an auction!  The Mailbox is a purse I got for $1.00 at a thrift store)

For more ideas like these check out my pins on Pinterest, DAWN’S PINS!

Just to let you know…

My Life is an Open Book

My Home has an Open Door

I am Not for Sale

But Just About Everything in My Home Is

Including the Books!

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Check out my Etsy shop, My Own Big World!

Some of these items are not yet for sale in my Etsy shop…

So if you are interested in something in this post…

Message me and we can work something out!

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