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So this is what I did while the rain was pounding down and wind whipping around…

From 20120827_0026

During Tropical Storm Isaac hitting my neck of the woods!

From Thumbtack Ball

And with being stuck inside for two days in a row…I do think the glass of wine was essential!

All you need is…

1) Styrofoam Ball
2) Thumbtacks
3) If you want extra decorations…you can use cute brads.
4) You shouldn’t need glue, but to make them really secure you can use glue of any kind.
5) Time and really, not even tons of it!
6) Wine isn’t really essential!

From Thumbtack Ball

Cute Flower Brads!

From Thumbtack Ball


From Thumbtack Ball

With the ball, not the wine!

From Thumbtack Ball

Ball Scales! Love it!

And now it is nestled…

From Thumbtack Ball

In with some of my other black, white and silver-colored balls in my vintage enamel pans!

You do know I am kind-of obsessed with decorative balls, don’t you?

Globe Balls = 5

From My Balls!

Silver, White, Black & Sliver Balls = 11  (See Photo Above)

Turquoise / Blue Balls = 8

From My Balls!

Vintage Sporting Balls = 8

From My Balls!

Orange/gold/Reddish Balls = 14

From My Balls!

Rope/String/Rattan Ball = 4
Green Balls = 7
The rest of My Balls = 7

From My Balls!

(Mind you I have gotten rid of some of my repeat Balls)

All my Balls = 64

(and I have to admit…I have only made two of them!  This one and scroll down on this blog and find the moss one I recently made).

64 Decorative Balls = Obsessed!

I am obsessed and I am okay with it.

Because I have decorative ball collecting rules!

1)  Must not have one like it

2)  Must pay under $6.00, but usually under $5.00)!

Now back to waiting for the Tropical Storm to really pass Southern Florida!

Prayers and good thoughts go out to wherever that thing will hit land!