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Posted: August 15, 2012 in Crafts, How To
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I always try to be prepared with activities to do when with my young nieces and nephew!

And this past trip to California gave me another chance for us to play together again!

So…for some CLEAN fun we made some SOAP CLOUDS!

Yes, I said…SOAP CLOUDS!

And then when we were done…we made small shaped soaps!

Oh yes, we did!

Here’s is how we did it!

1) Get a bar of IVORY soap…for every child (of any age)!

2) Place a bar of soap on paper towel in a microwave!

From Soap Clouds

Yes, I said…place a bar of IVORY soap on a paper towel in a microwave.

Take out the turn table and put the time for around 2.5 minutes (stop when it looks ready to you).

3) Watch the bar of soap grow into a “cloud!”

From Soap Clouds

4) Play with Soap Cloud!

From Soap Clouds
From Soap Clouds

5) Then start mushing it down to a powdery consistency!

From Soap Clouds

6) Add water to make it more liquid…but not too much water!

From Soap Clouds

7) Put into forms (we used their Mom’s cookie cutters)! And let sit until completely dry.

From Soap Clouds

A lot of Cookie Cutters!

From Soap Clouds

8) And now you have your own personally shaped soaps!

From Soap Clouds

A very cool, messy but clean, and fun activity…that keeps the kids busy for quite some time!

And the kitchen smells like nice clean soap afterwards!

Good Times with mis sobrinos!


  1. Lisa says:

    That looks amazing! I don’t think we get Ivory soap in the UK, is there some particular ingredient in it that I could look for in other soaps so we can try?

    • HenderBalz says:

      Ivory has been around forever…surprised that you can not get it! But I am sure you can find something very similar! Not even sure if you can use other soaps or not!

      The Ivory soap bar (classic) had contained: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, sodium silicate, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance.[6] The soap bar had a determined pH value: 9.5.[7]

      Good luck!

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