Posted: August 15, 2012 in Crafts, How To
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Everyone loves a Puppet!

So, make one…or two!

And then…

Write a puppet play!

When all said and done…

You have several activities and lots of fun!

I used pre-made puppet packets from Michael’s that I bought for cheap!

But of course you can use old socks, bits and pieces of stuff around the house and glue to make your own puppets!

Ha, I just made one with a sock my brother left behind! An old sock, paper and a piece of twine!

I like to call him…

From Puppet Play

Maaaster Rrrrrhino!

Now the First Character my nieces made:

From Puppet Play

Darkness, The Evil Ghost!

And then…

From Puppet Play

Ghost, Darkness’s Bumbling Sidekick!

We also needed a Pretty Victim!

From Puppet Play

So Brittney was created!

And now, of course…

We needed a Hero!

From Puppet Play

From Puppet Play

Super Freddy!

While they were making their characters we all talked about the “play.”

Auntie Dawn wrote it all down. We practiced, laughed and had fun!

The finished product!


Enjoy Enjoy!


  1. Cute! They sure do love their Auntie. xoxo

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