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Making nature into what it isn’t.


A Starfish Sea Urchin.


Dead Coral Growing.


Shells in the Sky.


Sea Glass on Solid Ground.


Sponge Flooring.


Plated Turtle Food.

Nature doesn’t need me. I pluck it from its home and it bring it to mine.  I need nature. 


As I am begging for inspiration, pleading for motivation, I cage nature.


There is sits.  Mocking me.


My mind rolls around these visions in my head as the sea rolls around glass, making it solid so you can’t see through it, you just see it.


I stole from nature for my own pleasure.  To turn nature’s art into my own.


Who was I fooling?


Nobody can do better than this?


But Yet I Try.

My Vintage Watercolor Pencil Version of the photo of nature above.

I won’t try to insult it by calling it anything other than “Sand Sea Sky”.


Why I love Photography, I pluck it from where it is supposed to be yet keep it there.

Thank you for allowing me this musings.  I hope you enjoy and will visit again.




It was the birthday of a new friend…

A new picking/antiquing kind of friend.

We have an eye for similar old things.

So I made her something new from my photos of old things.

A small book of old things.

From 2014 Projects

I first picked the photo, size and then printed them all out!

From 2014 Projects

Cutting them to size was next!

From 2014 Projects

Cutting them included nice pretty corners as well!

From 2014 Projects

I then made the pages of the books.

From 2014 Projects

I attached the photos with double sided thick tape so they stick up a bit from the pages.

From 2014 Projects

I attached all the pages together with cute ribbon, yard and a tiny crown!

From 2014 Projects

And there you have a gift made special for that special someone, new or old, silver or gold!

Some of my photos are framed and for sale at OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

If you see a photo you would like that is not up for sale or you would like a different size,
Please comment here or on the shop.

Happy Day!