My favorite kind of project too!

I come up with the Mid Century Modern-esque design…

And Jim did most of the work!

The Inspiration…

The Shutters that I designed and had made!

From House Number Project

Next we picked the numbers…

From House Number Project

We wanted brushed metal and ones that stand off the wall a bit…and we found them online!

Then we gathering wood scraps!

From House Number Project

Wood = Check!

It is always a good idea to lay out the numbers!

From House Number Project

Numbers in Position = Check!

The Colors!

From House Number Project

Although the house is white, light aqua blue and a pale-ish yellow…

The brush metal numbers would not “pop” on any of those colors.

So when we are in doubt, we always go to our favorite color…


From House Number Project


I painted…
And the rest was left to Jim!

From House Number Project

He Measured…

and Attached!

From House Number Project

Looking Good!

From House Number Project

Oh So Good!

From House Number Project

And there you go…

The done numbers with the house!

From House Number Project

He took out that wire and attached the numbers to the house!

Although it is not “perfect”, we did get thumbs ups from our neighbors!  

(I had to explain to Jim perfect is just a word.)

We love it!  

Now we need to find affordable Mid-Century Modern-esque cool outdoor lights to match…

And how to incorporate just a bit more orange outside too!  

If you like Mid Century Modern Stuff…

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Our Own Big World!



  1. - db! - says:

    For any SFers out there…Yes, that is a La Cumbre T-shirt!

  2. south47th says:

    I am living vicariously through you two, there in FLA! LOVEY job(s) all the way around! Will be following your progress and inspirations! The best of luck to you both! xo

  3. […] PS…Even though the husband was not into this particular design idea, even with the nay saying, he kept on helping out! I now thank him for the trim removal, trim adding, monster lugging and block carrying help he did provide! We are kind of getting good at The GnoMAD PAD team projects! Click here to see our House Number Team Project: PROJECT FOR TWO! […]

  4. […] our projects come out really well! See another one of our projects here: OUR OWN BIG WORLD! Project for Two […]

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