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It is a pick storage unit, a craft in action, a never-ending evolving gallery…


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Something that many do not know…

Is when we move, we move with just a limited amount of stuff.

So I pick, thrift, yard sale, flea market, estate sale & auction to make a new place our home.

Photo Details:
1) Picked the pallet the The Hub never took apart…so went through scattered pickings and ended up with the idea of the tar sap cups flower pockets!
2) Picked the galvanized gas can which holds the locally made wood Sweet Vidalia Onion!

Since we have not gone in yet…
Let’s check out my now Beloved Southern Front Porch…
Gnome Shack Style!

From GnomeShackPorch

Inviting, eh?
And we are not even inside!

Photo Details:
1) Retro Orange Pretzel Tin Can…it travels with us…for now!
2) Got the awesome never been used 1970 hammock at an Estate Sale in Savannah!

From GnomeShackPorch

The Porch Conversation Area!

Photo Details:
1) Got the Porch Swing at the Peaches to Beaches 700 Mile Yard Sale and then painted it!
2) I bought 4 ladder back chairs with very damaged seats and came up with this design for what I love to call my “Porch Lounger”.
3) A 75 Cent Table that I decoupaged and painted!

Now, Let’s Go Inside!

From GnomeShack

The Front Siting Room, Which Doubles as a Guest Room!

Our place is small!

Photo Details:
1) Couch was bought at a Savannah Estate Sale.
2) Retro Folding Chairs Travel with us as well as vintage wood/metal boxes
3) My painted framed photography also travels with us…for now.
4) Most on mantel is for sale, except Gnomes!

We do not have an official entry way/foyer, so I had to make one!

From GnomeShack

And here it is!

Photo Details:
1) Coat Rack I made from pallet board and thrift knobs.
2) Thrift store Mid Century Shelf turned Shoe Rack.
3) A Men’s valet for keys and extra coats recently bought at a flea market.
4) Sandal bin is vintage enamel pan recently bought at a yard sale.

Two More Views of the Front Sitting Room!

From GnomeShack
From GnomeShack

Vignette Areas…
Or More like Picking Storage Spots!

Photo Details:
1) Vintage suitcase Valet turned side table with painted glass frame turned tray!
2) Picked Very Rustic Wood stool, Thrifted Mid Century Clock & Junk Store found Antique Chimney Screen!

To the Left of this Sitting Room is our Bedroom.

From GnomeShack
From GnomeShack
From GnomeShack

And there it is!

Okay, it is also a bike, craft, arts and tool supply storage area!

Photo Details:
1) Suitcase night stands and stairs for old cat to get into bed are also used for storage.
2) I recently bought the missing drawer dresser on the cheap, repainted and such, and there you have it.
3) Mid Century Shadow Box / Bar Mirror for my pretty up area.
4) Lights over dresser are yard sale found trouble/mechanic lights.
5) Circle Art are  Yard sale found Needlepoint hoops with some material scrapes and some material I personally designed!
6) Tool, Arts & Crafts Supply Shelf bought at a Yard Sale.
7) I made the Hat Rack out of Pallet Board and Thrift store Knobs

Now Back into the Front Sitting Room! You can go straight through it to get to the Dining area of the very large Kitchen.

From GnomeShack

I’m realizing it is very mid-century in there!

Photo Details: 

1) Table we brought, but will probably sell before we leave.
2) Tension Pole Light in corner is very much for sale.
3) Shelves on both sides are filled with picked decor pieces, photos, kitchen supplies and a bar supplies.
4) Beloved Step Stool was picked in a junk shop.
5) Art on wall was picked recently and for sale!

Through the dinning area is the kitchen!

From GnomeShack

The Kitchen Side of the Huge Room.

Photo Details:
1) Yes I have vintage hand strainers as wall decor and canvas carpenter bags as recycle bins!

From GnomeShack

The Main Kitchen Corner!

Photo Details:

1) I made a light out of a dog chain, a vintage soda shop glass crate, a colander and an Ikea light fixture.
2) The decor on top of the fridge is part of my picked galvanized metal collection.
3) And counter storage is in vintage tin colanders!

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The Other Side of the Huge Kitchen is the Laundry Room!

Photo Details:
1) Old gas stove burner grates for wall decor!

Through the middle of the Large Eat In Kitchen is the Family Room!

From GnomeShack

View from the Door…this is where we spend most of our time at home!

From GnomeShack

View from the side with Wall of Windows.

From GnomeShack

Big Overstuffed Chair The Hub has had for, maybe, 15 or more years!

Still Comfy!

From GnomeShack

The Rest of the Family Room!

Photo Details:
1) Wall Decor Over Couch is a piece of old factory life. It states the days that has gone by without any accidents. The numbers can be changed on the back. Picked this as a gift for The Hub…who is a safety freak.
2) Other Wall Art is My Photography.
3) Cat Throne is vintage blue suitcases, an old moving blanket stuffed into the top one and a vintage piece of chenille bedspread covering to make it pretty! And yes, that is our 18-year-old cat asleep, wheezing, snoring away on it!
4) The desk is an old chrome and Formica table yard sale pick!
5) Round Table picked at a Junk shop.
6) Side table are part of my old wood food box collection!
7) Wood piece in corner is the bottom of a mid-century coffee table!

Almost Done Touring The Gnome Shack!

From GnomeShack

The Tiny White Bath!

From GnomeShack

And the very stained sink!

But this little room holds some of my favorite pieces!

Photo Details:
1) To left of toilet is a vintage galvanized metal miners milk can recently picked
2) To the Right is vintage adult and child’s enamel chamber pots.
3) Under the sink is an antique maple sapping bucket with a recently picked stool and metal box that I have had for maybe 20 years.
4) There are curtains on the wall close to the sink, not because there is a window, but a door.  In renovating, I guess they forgot to take the door out!

That is the Gnome Shack!

It is home for now.

I used to say, “Home is where my Backpack is”
But now Home is where The Hub and His 18 Year Old Cat is.

All the things…
Are just ships passing us in the night.

We help it all find it’s forever home…
If we did not adopt it ourselves!

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That’s my Motto…

From Market Day

Even on My First Ever Market Selling Day!

From Market Day

It was a fun experience, even though I have to shed product for a move we will be making.

From Market Day

Like Our Creel Mailbox!

From Market Day

And These Cool Things!

We do not know where we will be moving to yet…

From Market Day

But as always, we follow the husband’s work!

From Market Day

Always exciting, always interesting, always an adventure….

From Market Day


From Market Day

No, The Husband Was Not Bored!

Neither Was this Piece, as it Was the Favorite Piece of the Day…

From Market Day

It Got so Much Attention, and It Is Still Available!

From Market Day

As Are These Weigh Cool Scales!

It Was a Beautiful Day…

From Market Day

And the Colors are Just Starting to Change!

Beautiful, Just Like Our…

Favorite Customer of the Day!

From Market Day

93.5 year old reading up on how to make empanadas!

As the Day Wound Down, I Took a Break From Yelling,


From Market Day

And Put My Feet Up On a Cool Little Stool for Sale!

We Shed Some Product…

From Market Day

And Enjoyed a Nice Day Outside and Together!

Good Day!

From Market Day

And Good Night Everyone!

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Since we moved without much of anything…

I put my crafting, antiquing and art skills to the test…

To furnish and decorate our apartment!

From MyHomeDecor

Yes, I could show you things we found for a great deal,

(Although, I will give you an idea of how little money you need to decorate for yourself!)

This post is more about doing things a big different!

Like in the above photo, where I used twin wicker headboards behind the dresser and under the mirror for an added splash of sass!

(This entire  scene cost us under $60.00! Yes…really!  Okay, the photos/frames are not included as we had them already)

Staying in the bedroom, I want to show you our “night stands.”

From MyHomeDecor

I had these vintage suitcases already which I use to lug about my art/craft supplies.

Empty now, they are put to good use as our night stands.

From MyHomeDecor

(I bought the suitcases at antique stores and auctions, and I always look for them at thrift stores as well.  These can be  priced a bit too high at times, so it took some time to collect these for the right prices!)

Now, onto the kitchen!

From MyHomeDecor

Needed a curtain that would not block out the light in the kitchen window…

From MyHomeDecor

But block the view from the upstairs neighbors using the stairs.

From MyHomeDecor

I think it works!

Old needlepoint hoops I had lying around (uh, not that I needlepoint though), some fabric, string…

And there you go…

An unusual curtain!

(I happened to have all the supplies on hand being the craft supply hoarder that I am, but you can get needlepoint hoops at thrift stores all day long, as well as material either from cheap clothes, sheets, towels, fabric and so on. You can also get material samples from fabric stores for $1.00 – $2.50 each)

And now, something else for the kitchen…

Or where ever you want really as they are that cool!

From MyHomeDecor

Yes, they are vintage gas stove burner grates!

I love the simplicity, but oh so cool, look of them!

Perfect for some blank walls in my kitchen.

From MyHomeDecor

(See previous post to find where I got them, MY NEW FAV PLACE! ..I recommend you find your own).

And here is something for the blank walls in our bathroom!

From MyHomeDecor

More needlepoint hoops, but these are vintage metal ones which I happen to love.

From MyHomeDecor

Cutout designs from a vintage chenille white twin bedspread…

Make for more fun simple decor!

From MyHomeDecor

(I had the hoops as I bought a big bag of  needlepoint hoops for $5.00 last year!  I just found the twin chenille bedspread at the local thrift store for $3.00.)

And speaking of the bathroom…

From MyHomeDecor

Although I made these lights last year, I finally put them to good use…

From MyHomeDecor

Over our claw foot tub!

(You can find the vintage tin food strainers at thrift stores for under $4.00 or under $10.00 at antique stores.  This is blog post on how I made them, STRAIN YOUR LIGHT!, check it out).

And one more for the bathroom!

From MyHomeDecor

Buckets and bottles…

Why Not?

Especially in a bathroom with no storage!

Who wants to see deodorant containers, mouthwash bottles, and Q-Tip packaging?

Not me!

(I had the buckets, as you may know I go weak-at-the-knees for anything galvanized steel, but you can pick them up anywhere for cheap from thrift shops, craft stores or even those…gasp…big box stores. The vintage wine decanter come mouthwash bottle I recently found for $3.00 on sale at an antique store, and the Apothecary/Candy Jar was $1.00 at a thrift store).

If you too want to re-purpose stuff of find things for cheap to decorate your home, just start looking at everything differently and in new places!

From MyHomeDecor

(Above early 1900s rickety old rocking chair was 5.00 at an auction!  The Mailbox is a purse I got for $1.00 at a thrift store)

For more ideas like these check out my pins on Pinterest, DAWN’S PINS!

Just to let you know…

My Life is an Open Book

My Home has an Open Door

I am Not for Sale

But Just About Everything in My Home Is

Including the Books!

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Some of these items are not yet for sale in my Etsy shop…

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Message me and we can work something out!

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Scrambleskeets Welcomes You Anytime…

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