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Is diversifying the right word?

1960s/70s Porcelain Seagull and Wood Art Sculpture.
  • DIVERSIFY: enlarge or vary the range of products or the field of operation of (a business).”we’re confident that the new owners will grow and diversify the company globally”

Still Not Sure!

Although I do mostly Mid Century, I do have a small handful of antiques like these Wax Seal Stamps I picked up in Helsinki, Finland

SYNONYMS FOR diversify

That’s better…I’m expanding and branching out.

Yep, these cutie patooties could be yours. 1960s/70s Wall Decor

I’m selling on Etsy now!! That’s my branching out expansion!

My Antique Mall ‘in person” Shopito hasn’t been moving product fast enough. So I’m now selling medium to small items on my Etsy shop.


Color, Colorful and More Colorful. Color your Life
They want to sail away with you!

Although I SELL Mostly All Mid Century…I Pick Up Antiques I can’t Resist here and there too. Below are a couple of them.

Antique Butcher’s Chainmail Thumb Guard… Or Torture Device? It will be whatever you want it to be.
Antique Darning Eggs
Midcentury Candle Holder….comes with candles.
60s/70s little lovelies for you.
This combo goes well; Trains, Statues, Towers and Knives. Oh My!
Not your Normal Mid Century Pyrex
Stainless Servers…Let them Serve You!
Working, with all the pieces,
1976 Blow Dryer!
1960s Textile Art…In Perfect Condition!
Cute Little Glasswares

And so much more. I try to add items weekly!

Oh wait…I have Vintage Jewelry Too!

Copper Jewelry Love!

items to come this week:

And Silver Bits of Pretty!

Upcoming Items Dropping Soon:

These Babies are all Ready to be Posted…for your Buying Needs!

Thank you for visiting the My Gnome Little World Blog!

And I hope you visit the My Gnome Little World Etsy Shop too.

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Have A Gnome Day!


Equals Something I like to Call…


The Gnomad Beach Pad!

Built in the Mid Century and Only Blocks from the Beach.

A Match Made in Style and Relaxation Heaven!


It’s not just a home, its a vacation for you, or a great set for your filming production, or a nice location for a photo shoot!

2015-10-31 15.11.55

I mean check out the Sunken Living Room.  The Gnomad Beach Pad was Built in 1964. Old Stan kept great care of the house and we were happy to take it over after his death in 2012.  We honored him and his wife by not making a ton of changes.


You can see in a previous post the changes we made: Our House Out House

I decorated the entire house with picked and found items.


I went with the design theme of Mid Century, because, well, It was built in the Mid Century!


I mean look at that original Formica counter top…

So we had to go all the way Mid Century in the Kitchen.


Vintage Tupperware for any and all occasion or storage needs!

20180211_085229-DSC_0282 (2)

Even Vintage Kitchen Appliances : Ice Crusher – Check, Milk Shaker Blender – Check, Mixer – Check, Juicer – Check, and even an Popcorn Popper – Check!

20180211_085642-DSC_0289 (2)_LI

Lovely Bunch of Lovely Vintage Bowls that I slowly collected by picking often and regularly.


Now for on top of the super cute Formica counter top!


Some of the stuff is just for show, and some for use, but love it all!


And yes those are old Cosco Stepping Stools as seating at the very large peninsula counter top!  Perfect height, why not?


Moving over to the Family room, the Hub of the House!


One big giant room with a fireplace on ones side and the sliding glass doors to the patio on the other side.


And a big TV, DVD Player and a Stereo for your entertaining pleasures.


Let’s take outside before we go into…

The Bedrooms!


Hammock AND Bocce Ball.  Yes…And So Much More!


Easy Breezy Back Patio with curtains that go all the way around for extra privacy.

And get this…an Outside Shower with HOT water.


The front and side grass covered yards provide enough area for a football game and croquet match to go on a the same time, if not more activities!


So much room for so much fun!


Now that I wore you out with all those activities…

Let’s go the rooms of rest!


The Master Bedroom itself is a retreat!  Large, Light, Airy and oh so Comfortable!

And then there is the large En Suite Master Bathroom!


The Shower Sliding Doors and Toilet Private Swinging Door are to Mid Century Die For!

And the Huge Sunken Tub is to Relax in!  It is a Mid Century Beachy Mini Spa Room!

And now the Guest Rooms…


This is the “No place like Gnome” Guest Room.

Relaxing, complete with an adjustable bed, and a desk to write home on!


A nice place we like to call the “Mad Men Den” Guest Room.

Relaxation up front and Worker Bee Desk on the side.

And the Ever so Cute “Mamie Roosevelt” Pink Jack & Jill Bathroom…


It is as adorable as it looks.

Complete with vintage pink hamper and trash bin.  I could just live in there.

There is half bath too, but I have to leave something for your imagination!

20180204_105727-DSC_0002 (2)

That’s the House and here is some nature.

Take a look at the cute wood peckers I caught on film in the yard.

20180206_101355-DSC_0024 (2)

And here is just a bit of what we have seen nearby The Gnomad Beach Pad!

Indialantic Manatees

And if Technology and Space is your thing…

Check This Out!

20180207_124610-DSC_0080 (2)

The Falcon Heavy Folks, which you could have seen from the front lawn!                              FeetatHiltonDeck

So get your feet on over to The Gnomad Beach Pad.

And Sink your Feet into the Sand or the Lush Sunken Living Room Carpet.

For Vacation Rental, Please Book Through:  The Gnomad Beach Pad

To Book for a Photography Shoot or a Filming Location Please Use: The Mid Century Beach Pad

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

And Here is to another “My Gnome Little World” Adventure!  Cheers!


Our Sunshiny Mid-Century Modern House!

There will be some before and after photos, but to get the full view of the before house please go to:  HenderBalz Blog: Adventures at Home !

As always if you want to see the full photo album, click on any of the photos!

Welcome to the Living Room!

From House House Lovely House!

We may just leave this oh-so-not mid-century couch in this room as both the room and the couch are big and they fit each other!

94% of everything else in the living and dining rooms is from the Mid-Century!

Matter of fact, most of the house is furnished with mid-century items…down to the set of Sears flatware my Mom gave me as a teen probably for my hope chest!

New Living & Dining Above…
Old Below!

From Melbourne House

You get the point…new paint, furniture and personal touches!

The Foyer…

Could not pass up the light fixture that Jim rebuilt and the Sears star burst clock that my Step Father fixed!

From House House Lovely House!
From House House Lovely House!

A corner here…

The Above Corner has my Mid-Century Belt Chair and a bunch of drift wood in the corner!

From House House Lovely House!
From House House Lovely House!

And a corner there!

The above Corner has our somewhat collection of international stools…two are old, one is from Honduras!

From House House Lovely House!

The Dining Room!

From House House Lovely House!

We love our new OLD dining room lamp that Jim rebuilt!

And now our bedroom!

From House House Lovely House!

Oh so cool, airy and grey with a splash of color!

New Above….
Before Below:

From Melbourne House

The other side (plus a tri-pod, an air filter and Chloe):

From House House Lovely House!

The Master Bath!

From House House Lovely House!

And Before!

No more carpet, stripped wall paper or dressing room lights!

From Melbourne House



From House House Lovely House!

And what it used to look like!

From Melbourne House

The Whole Picture!

From House House Lovely House!

We want a cool low profile mid-century couch in this room, probably where the table and chairs are…but have not found one we like enough yet!

And Introducing…


From House House Lovely House!

And a similar view from before!

From Melbourne House

Bright and Happy!

From House House Lovely House!

Similar shot from before:

From Melbourne House

Personal Touches!

In the Kitchen:

From House House Lovely House!

And in a Hall!

From House House Lovely House!


Jim’s new Office/Den/Man Cave!

From House House Lovely House!

And the old Dark Den!

From Melbourne House

Personal Touches in the Den!

From House House Lovely House!


From House House Lovely House!

The guest room / Dawn’s Making Things Room!

Cozy Area!

From House House Lovely House!

And Work Area! (The table enlarges!)

From House House Lovely House!

The Pink Jack & Jill Bath just needed some love and a spit shine!

From House House Lovely House!

Half Bath is just a “happy” as before…

From House House Lovely House!

But updated!

From Melbourne House

And with personal touches!

From House House Lovely House!

The new front!

From House House Lovely House!

The old front!

From Melbourne House

Not sure you can tell the changes…

All the cranky 50-year-old bushes were removed and more tropical plants were put in AND the entire outside was painted!

From House House Lovely House!

Love our new mid-century style shutters and the pop of flower in front!

The new Landscaped Corner Island!

From House House Lovely House!

The old corner:

From Melbourne House

New side yard “Island” landscaping!

From House House Lovely House!

And if you ever visit (And you know YOU ALL are invited) the Garage Door Entrance Welcome Area!

From House House Lovely House!

WE Love our new place and had fun and some fights getting it to this point, but it is not still 100% done!

And 10 pieces in these photos, I created!  Can you guess which 10?

Look forward to finishing it completely!

And to buy Mid Century Modern Items for you Home…Visit Our Online Shop!

Click:  OurOwnBigWorld