I’m Selling Here Now!!!

Posted: December 29, 2020 in Uncategorized

I will try this format first and if I get popular enough, I will change to a better selling format.

I will update this site regularly with a few awesome items for sale!

Get this…Free Shipping!! Who am I kidding? You know the shipping costs get folded into the price, but I will be making the items affordable for you, my beloved customers.

For now you will need to send me your address to sfgirl_dawn@yahoo.com. If this website lucrative, then I can make buying so much easier for both of us!

Oh the important part. How to pay? You can venmo or Zelle me at Dawn Balzarano / My Gnome Little World. Make sure I’m the right person please.

Ok, now you’ve seen some of the bigger Items I have sold…here are some smaller easier to ship items I have for sale.

Color Pop!
Approx 15″ x 15″

These two cutsie patoosties will make you smile for miles. Your 2021 so needs them.

They are vintage Hook rug Wall art from the 1960s/70s. See photo for size. Both are in excellent condition.

They are $25.00 each (remember that includes shipping) OR 45.00 for both.

Hot Diggity Dog!

Straw, string, linen…Oh My!
Great shape
Vintage Faded Glory….Who Knew?
I don’t think this one was ever used.
Cute coin purse / wallet

Oh my cuteness galore! I know we all haven’t been going many places…but get ready because the getting out and looking oh so awesome with a cute purse in hand days are a’coming again!

Faded Glory Straw Medium Size purse with flowers – $20.00

Straw, String, Linen Large-ish Purse – $22.00

Small Straw Change Purse / Wallet – $7.00

That’s it for Now!

As soon as an item sells I will delete it or mark it sold.

Please let me know what you think of this idea of mine and how I’m doing it.

Suggestions welcomed, Trolls are not!


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