I’m a Curator of Things…

Posted: July 23, 2021 in Uncategorized

Or are the things curating my life now?

I never had a lot of belongings, until I did. I was a single woman most of my adult life and either shared an apartment in SF or had a Studio apt. I did not need a lot of stuff. Also I loved to travel, so I saved for it which did not allow much money to buy things. I easily let things go too, because some of my trips were months on end and I couldn’t pay for storage. So things were not my thing. Until they were.

Just Some of My Vintage Jewelry Collection

In 2004 I met my husband, who also loved to travel. We married 3 years later, then we sold his house to move to central America for a year. I learned he had a lot of stuff and could not let things go very easily. We put stuff in storage. I had even less stuff because I sold most of all the furniture I had.

My Vintage Kitchen Tool/Utensil Collection.

After 18 months volunteering and traveling in Central America, and after several moves I started collecting things. You see, in 2010, my husband took a good position where we were moving a lot, which it made it hard for me to work.

No job, new places without friends…and usually needing stuff for our ever-changing apartments, I shopped. But I’m a picker, who doesn’t like to spend money, so I thrifted. I also fixed stuff up, used it while we lived in a place and sold for more when we left.

My old western graniteware collection.

In 2012 we bought a home not far from where my y husband worked and not far from my parents. We had no furniture at this point, and the house was original from 1964. We decided to furnish it from that time period. Mid century was popular in other places but not where we bought our home, so buying old cool stuff was affordable at the time.

My Hub’s Beloved Collection

It was around then my husband and I learned that we like to thrift and yard sale together. Thrifting led to flea markets, led to antique stores/markets, led to auctions and then led to estate sales. We’ve done it all.

My beloved collection.

I buy and sell Mid Century Modern Stuff. When I say I sell, I really do sell. Our whole house is a collection of Mid Century Modern. I’m starting to think that collection is enough. If it’s not Mid Century, I should let it go. Ouch.

Two Collections

I’ve already started to let go of my old Western Vintage and Antique Graniteware collection, but they are not selling in my Mid Century Shopito. So, I just made arrangements to sell at a 1 day more rustic type market in October. It’s too hot now for outdoor markets in Florida, so we wait until less hot and Snowbird season. There are several in the fall so I’ll be busy.

Wood Food Boxes.
Too Many Balls
Look at these Lovelies!

There are even more collections, but I’m done outing myself and my issues. I don’t have kids, nor will I ever have grand kids. I have things….

…But for now I vow not to add to my collections and to lesson my load by selling. Check my FB Marketplace page for what I’m selling or contact with questions about anything you see in the photos that you would like to buy (but mind you, not all is for sale. 😳

Thanks for visiting my blog, and reading or just quickly looking over my photos. I appreciate it all.


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