I Started a Business During the Pandemic

Posted: July 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

Yep, during the pandemic I started a business selling Mid Century Stuff. I buy furniture, décor, clothes, kitchen items, barware…you name it…if it is from around 1950 to the 1970s, focusing on the 1960s, I’m interested in it. I buy stuff, and if the need be, I make it better, and then sell it.

Current Pieces I’m Working On. I actually designed that material because I could not find the color combo I wanted.

This is how it all started…2012 we bought a house that was built in 1964 and had never been updated. Cool original formica countertops, pink Jack & Jill bathroom, sunken living room and the such. We had no furniture for the house, so since we both like thrifting, flea marketing, picking and general good deals, we decided to go for the “Mad Men” Midcentury 1960s look.

Our Pink Jack & Jill Bathroom

We did our house Mid century down to the glasses and silverware. But once done, I still liked the hunt. So, at first I would just replace the new old stuff with my new finds…and then I sold the “old” on FB Marketplace or in a yard sale.

This was one of my recent keepers

But…We never lived in our home. We moved yearly for work projects and only visited our Mid Century Home…until the Pandemic hit.

Pandemic Lifestyle

Ok, Nothing to do for awhile, when the thrift stores and estate sales opened up again, I went, masked and bought and bought and bought! I had sold on Etsy for a few years, a few years ago, so I knew I liked it but I wanted to go bigger. By bigger, I mean, I wanted to buy and sell furniture too. I went to a local Antique Mall and signed up for, what I like to call, “My Shopito”.

Official Name of my Shopito is “My Gnome Little World”

So 10 months later, and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! I’m not making tons, but it’s a start. I give it around 20 hours a week most of the time. But between out searching and buying, cleaning and fixing up stuff, pricing, making price tags, tagging items, putting stuff in Shopito, or just moving stuff around in Shopito, doing the inventory and billing, some weeks it may go over 20 hours. Some weeks it may be less.

My husband and I like to pick together so it’s our fun together hobby, and we stop to take pictures, try a local micro brew pub and the such.

,The search and buying part isn’t always work. My husband and I like road trips and picking together, so it’s usually pure fun for us. I don’t want it to ever become “work” for me. What is work, is fixing up pieces. I don’t usually buy stuff that needs a complete refinish, but the table in the first photo, needed it. See last photo for the finished project.

Second coat of stripper.

I love challenging myself to do new processes to fix up stuff. It is hard sweaty work, but I love the result. Today I just stitched up some clothes. Never a dull moment buying and selling. I’m now selling more online through Marketplace and maybe Poshmark. I did 3 piece vintage bundles for Poshmark. I try new ways to sell, and if it doesn’t work, I try something else. Here are couple of my bundles.

Vintage Top, Necklace and Purse
Vintage Terry Clothe Beach Cover Up, Sun Visor and Flowery Straw Purse

Poshmark did not work for me, so now I have to figure another online outlet. It seems I’m not getting the same amount of views on FB Marketplace recently, since they added tax to my (shipping) items. I have sold over $599.00 through FB and now they tax my items. Is it that? I used Etsy in the past, but I’m not sure about going back to them. I was recommended Ebay. Should I? I need to do all my selling through my phone as it is just easier for me, photo wise and keeping on top of things when I’m not at my laptop which is hardly ever these days. I am taking online selling advice and opinions! Thank you in advance!

And Oh, on to other things! I also make and create! Anything from paintings to textile art. Here’s my latest for sale!

I call this “MacraLace Poof”!

And so that’s how it happened! Check my pages out please!

Here’s where and how to find me:




Facebook Marketplace:



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