I have been collected leather belts from thrift stores, for this very thing!

I had to wait for the chair!

The chair finally came my way!

From Belt Chair

After I shined the wood up, I took off the seat!

From Belt Chair

My trusted basket of leather belts, don’t you have one?

From Belt Chair

Then I was a’belt weaving away!

From Belt Chair

Not sure if I will keep the belts on this chair or not yet…

as well if I should cut the ends of the belt off or let them hang!

From Belt Chair

Love how the colors in the belts bring out the colors in the wood!

From Belt Chair

Belt Weave!

From Belt Chair

I think this technique turns a plain chair into a conversation/center/art piece!

I love the chair so much…I think I am not going to leave the belts on it as the shape of the back and the wood speak for themselves.

So, I will go back to waiting for the perfect chair again!


  1. Dawn, this is my favorite out of all your (many!) creations to date. LOVE this chair! Definitely let the belts hang, gives it more character. šŸ™‚

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