It was just my Mom’s 75th Birthday…

And I wanted to do something special for her!

I heard about giving 75 letters with memories in them  from people in her life,

And I liked that idea!

But I put my own twist on it!



From Mom 75th Present

First, I must admit scrape booking is not my genre of arts & crafts.

But this is how I did it!

I asked, begged, borrowed, got mad at, begged again, bothered, badgered, honey badgered, and pleaded with people to give me memories they have of my Mother.

I did this mostly by email and Facebook.  Also when I visited my Mom, I sneaked in and took photos of her address book, all spy-like.  Then I sent out self-addressed, self-stamped cards for them to send back with hand-written memories of my Mom in them.

I really wanted 75 different people with a memory each, as my Mom has over 250 relatives just on her side of the family, not to mention my father’s or stepfather’s sides of the family or friends either!

Although I got some great awesome memories from great awesome people, I did not reach my 75 people goal.  The thing is, I am glad now because most of her 5 kids had way more than one memory to include in this books, as well as some other people from her life, so I got to include all of them!

After I collected the quotes, I changed fonts and colors of the ones I received electronically for some color in the book!  Some were hand written on cards also.

I decided I wanted photos to go with the quotes so I had to collect them as well. I went through my own online photo options, stole some from Facebook pages, and again, I went into spy mode and took photos of my Mom’s albums when I last visited her!

From Mom 75th Present

Photos! My Mom has always love Giraffes, fortunately I visited some last summer and took a lot of photos!

With book designs floating around my head, I started to collect embellishments for the pages!

From Mom 75th Present

I tried to get things my Mom likes, like puffy giraffe stamps, as well as shiny things!

My Mom likes shiny things just like me!

From Mom 75th Present

I also made frames from paper I had around. Fun way to add color to the pages!

And then I had an idea of genius!

Well, I think so!

From Mom 75th Present

I cut out words that describe my Mom!

From Mom 75th Present

And Modge Podged them all over a piece of cardboard for the cover of the book.

From Mom 75th Present

With the Catholic Guilt my Mother help install in me, I must admit the old dictionary I used was only from M – Z ! So, although there are a lot of A – N words that describe my Mom, this project of mine only covers the M – Z ones!

But believe it or not, they were enough for all of the front cover and around the edges of the inside of the front cover and both sides of the back cover!

From Mom 75th Present

The start of the inside covers were edged in words that describe my Mom!

From Mom 75th Present

The center was covered in burlap!

From Mom 75th Present

My Mother In-Law even got in on the creativity and layered the back cover in illustrations from the old dictionary with words describing my Mom around the edges!  Thanks Alice!

And now the pages!

From Mom 75th Present

Organizing the quotes going with the photos, and which photo & quote going with what pages took a lot of time! But I did it!

Before I go on, let me explain the quote part. I had some quotes hand-written on cards/note paper with envelopes, some quotes that I typed out I put inside blank cards, some I typed up and put into blank envelopes and others I just glue as is on the page!

From Mom 75th Present

And example of the quotes (one hand-written in the “P” card) and one just glued on the page, and the photos with frames!

From Mom 75th Present

More examples!

After the whole book was done with quotes, photos & frames…

From Mom 75th Present

I embellished with my shiny things, funny things, giraffe things, star things, old things and I put my paint pens to good use too!

From Mom 75th Present

I got creative with my embellishments!

From Mom 75th Present


I then made the Title Page!

From Mom 75th Present

All pages & covers are done!

From Mom 75th Present

Now what?

From Mom 75th Present


From Mom 75th Present

And Cover Embellishment!

From Mom 75th Present

A vintage letter “P” Pin, a vintage small rhinestone pin, and a large blingy crown pendent…all for my Shiny Queen Mum!

The book is over 80 pages, so I will not put all of them on this blog, but if you click on any photo it will bring you to a photo album where there is a photo of each page!

Here are some page and quote examples!

From Mom 75th Present

“I remember you making curtains and cushions for the station wagon so we could camp out. I remember that EVERY Christmas there were tons of gifts for us kids always, no matter how little money you had. I remember a party of some size or another for every birthday growing up. Thank you for giving me a happy childhood. Have the happiest birthday ever! Love, Dawn”

From Mom 75th Present

“I remember the time you had to go to NY
and I stayed at Jay Crosby’s house for a week.
I was terribly homesick and I will never forget the
feeling of love when I came down the stairs and
you were standing there. Happy Birthday!
Love, Randy”

From Mom 75th Present

“You signed me up for sewing lesson and I loved it! I sewed everything! All through High School I would make prom or homecoming dresses and other clothes. I was always using your sewing machine. Before I left to go to California for college, you wanted to give me something special. You bought me my own sewing machine. I was 18 driving across the U.S. and I had my sewing machine with me. I am still using the same sewing machine, around 35 years later! Thanks Mom and I hope you have the happiest birthdays ever! Love, Carlene”

From Mom 75th Present

“When I was little I had the mumps and you let Carlene stay home from school to play games with me because it was the only thing that could distract me from the pain, until the meds kicked in. Thanks! I hope you have a pain-free birthday! Love, Todd”

“I have lots of good memories from New York when I was very young,
like trips to the beach and when you and Dad would bring us over to
Grandma Balzarano’s. You were always bringing us somewhere!
I hope you have a great Birthday! Love, Wayne.”

From Mom 75th Present

“Oh My Gosh, the best memory I have of you is the night before
Dawn had her appendectomy in the house on Riverview, when
you were pulling the strings on your cardboard puppets. Todd
& I were mimicking the puppets. You and Dawn were in tears
laughing and Dawn was saying, “ It hurts it hurts (Because Dawn
appendix was bursting) & You were just about tinkling in your britches!
Happy Birthday & Love, Patty (McLoone) Strautman”

From Mom 75th Present

Aunt Peggy, what I remember of you is from when I was 15 and now I’m 51. I want to take the opportunity to tell you, “Thank you!” for taking me under your wing, for believing in me, caring for me, and most of all helping me on my way. It taught me that one act of kindness can and will last a lifetime!” I love you Aunt Peggy! God Puts you Where He Wants you To Be, Thank you and Happy Birthday! Love, Janet Duffy” 

From Mom 75th Present

“Happy Birthday Sister! I remember when you all lived in Port Jefferson Station
at the end of a street with a stone wall in the front. You parked next to the wall
and I was helping you get the kids in the car. I calmly said to you, “please hurry up…
there’s a snake on my foot”. You freaked and screamed!
I scream “Happy Birthday!” Love, Mary!”

Again, if you want to see photos of all the pages, click any photo to get to the album!

I want to thank everyone who gave me memories, I could not have made this without you!

And now, the most important part…


We All Love You!

PS…if you want to see more things I make or have for sale click on the link below:





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