That is!

After I think they broke two of my cheap plastic bird feeders,

I decided to make a feeder just for them…

And to make it indestructible!

So…I went to my favorite place…


I looked and looked and looked…

And I walked out with…

A Vintage Tin Food Strainer, A Mid-Century Style Tapered Table Leg, and a Square Bit of Screen!

From Squirrel Feeder

First, make center hole bigger!

From Squirrel Feeder

Screw leg into said hole!

I used super strong glue to make sure it was really secure.

From Squirrel Feeder


From Squirrel Feeder

Now, I needed to make a lid!

My squirrels have to work for their food!

From Squirrel Feeder

I decided on the Screen…

And marked it where to cut.

From Squirrel Feeder

And I cut it!

From Squirrel Feeder

I attached it in just these two spots with thin wire.

From Squirrel Feeder

No fancy hinges for me or my squirrels!

All Done!

From Squirrel Feeder

Then place it where the little creatures can get at it!

From Squirrel Feeder

Fill it up with nuts!

And like I said…


From Squirrel Feeder


From Squirrel Feeder

Hmmm, I smell something good!

From Squirrel Feeder

Uh…Wait…How do I open this darned thing?

From Squirrel Feeder

Aha! Got it!

From Squirrel Feeder

Relax for a second!

From Squirrel Feeder

Must Hide…Must Hide…Must Hide My Nut!

From Squirrel Feeder

Okay…This may not be the best hiding place I have ever picked!

From Squirrel Feeder

Oh this one is much much better!

And I know I will remember exactly where I put this nut when I freezing my cute little furry butt off in winter!


And he came back…again and again!

He is stocked up for the next 3 winters!



Hoop Spheres!

From Hoop Balls

I took a bunch of old wood and vintage metal needlepoint hoops…

From Hoop Balls

And turned them into decorator spheres!

From Hoop Balls

Perfect on the mantel or in a basket!

From Hoop Balls

You gotta love this atomic looking one done with the vintage metal oval hoops!

Now…whether it is for feeding little beasts or decorating you beautiful home…

Gather, Imagine, and Go!

  1. Jane Calhoun says:

    Thing I”ll have to try the squirrel feeder – have spent quite a bit every other year in replacing the ones I pay $$$$ for and they barely make it through the first season and have to tinker with it to get another season out of it.
    Thanks for the idea !

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