Have not been making things lately, so I thought I would do a short post about my dreams.

 I am the dreamiest girl ever!


I am a dreaming fool!

And I not only dream a lot, but I remember them as well, in detail, mind you!

And even, sometimes I can recall several dreams a night.

Some are similar dreams that I have had all my life.

Like the losing control of a slow-moving car/the steering goes out dreams.

Or the flying dreams.  I love the flying dreams.  I used to hide that I could fly, now in my dreams I show it off!

Or the my 40-something brother is a little kid dreams.

But others provide story lines that books and movies are made of…really!

So much, I based a children’s adventure mystery novel on one of my dreams.

I started it 8-9 years ago, and then I met Jim, and  put it aside.  Picked it up again, and now I am almost done.

This dream made so much of an impact on our lives, that we went to the Czech Republic for our honeymoon.  That is where the dream, I mean, book is based.

I had never been to the Czech Republic, why oh why was I dreaming about it?

 My recent dreams have included lots of travel, a marriage and death of a friend, my little little brother, Jim driving down the wrong side on a busy freeway, buying antiques from an old gas station, exchanging addresses with a little girl in Honduras so we can keep in touch, trying to get on a bus in some crazy busy foreign country, cruise down the coast of Peru, under water pods, hurricane in Mexico…

Shall I go on?

Boy scouts on foreign beaches, my Mom, jumping off a moving collective, Jim losing control of a wagon, meeting an old couple that had a gondola, and being in school…like a private uniform wearing elementary school.

Last night I was on a road trip with my Mother In-Law!  Oh, the places I go and the people I hang out with…in my dreams!

I recently started emailing the dreams to my husband, just to write them down.  Hence, why I am telling you about them!

I am a bit of a free spirit, but I did not know I really live in a dream world!

At night I do!

 Dream on, My Friends, Dream On!



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