Okay, Let Me First Say…

I am usually not into revenge, but do like humor and to stand up for myself/home/family/friends/property.

And this is how I Stood Up for my Property…

Passive Aggressively.

Pre-Story (This post is wordier than most of my posts, but I feel I must explain my DIY actions):

We came home one day and found our old orange tree cut down to just the trunk with all the branches laying about the yard.

From RusticPlaceSigns

I asked around and no one knew who did it, until I stopped the next door neighbor driving away.  I , all 5 Foot 3.5 Inches of me, went up to his huge SUV and asked him if he knew who did it.  He got out of his, all 6 + Foot of him, standing right in front of me.  He told me it was him as he walked past me towards The Hub. He told The Hub that his father owned Orange Groves and that he cut it down so it grow back better.  We know nothing of the orange tree, so we said, “Okay.”  Until we found out what this guy has done before to other neighbors.  And the fact that nothing grew back from that tree…still nothing 1.5 years later.

In the above photo, 6+ Foot Tall neighbor’s yellow/brown house is behind the dead orange tree trunk. As you can also see in the photo, he could barely see our orange tree behind other big plants along the property line.

From RusticPlaceSigns

I do believe this man is maybe bi-polar and does not take meds for it because he seems to do this sporadically and manically. I feel for people with any kind of health or psychological issues, but not when my property or people are endangered.

And to let you know how far he has gone, let me tell you other things he has done.

1) Killed plants along the fence of his neighbors on the other side of his property.  They no longer have any plants along that fence line.

2) The old guy who owned our house before us would fall asleep with his TV loudly on.  The cray cray neighbor threw something big (I heard a log) into that bedroom’s sliding glass doors breaking them both. The doors are new there.

3)  We live on a court and another neighbor asked him if she could put a basketball hoop on the line that boarders my yard and his yard.  He has a son that could use it too.  He agreed.  Slowly it moved to in front of our side yard, which was fine and dandy with us.  We still would see him and his son out there playing b-ball.  While we were away he took the hoop and dragged it 1/2 a block to the owners of the hoop and threw it on their driveway.  The woman (a tiny woman mind you) dragged it onto MY driveway.  He then went on our property, took the hoop dragging it back to the owners house and again throwing it back in their driveway breaking it.  This 6+ foot guy got into a verbal fight with a 5 Foot Nothing woman about it, using a lot of curse words.  Cops were called, but that was that.  The cops just told the tiny woman to stay away from him.

4) Our once lush hibiscus plants along our back fence that borders his tiny side yard (the side where you would put your trash cans), are now dying along the top…as if someone threw something over the top of their fence to kill them.  We have done several things to bring them back, and they seem to be having a hard time.  I believe the cray cray neighbor is doing something to them while we are away.  It is a good time of the year for them to be trimmed back, which we are having done by a professional, for them to grown back anew.  We will see.

Everyone is afraid of this guy.

I am not, but I am not going to push it to make it harder on the other neighbors or for him to do more damage to our property.

At first, The Hub and I decided to not cut down the dead orange tree trunk in honor of all the oranges our deranged neighbor aborted, and as protest to what he did to our poor old orange tree.

Then I came up with an idea and this is how I am now PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY getting back at him…

DIY Style!

I needed this…

From RusticPlaceSigns

Which so happened to be in the Basketball hoop neighbor’s front yard to be picked for free!

I then pulled it apart which used up a lot of aggression and anger!

From RusticPlaceSigns

Then I cut the pieces up which used up even more aggression!

From RusticPlaceSigns

I cut them up into arrow shapes!

From RusticPlaceSigns

Do you Get Where I am Going Yet?

From RusticPlaceSigns

I then pulled out the paint!

From RusticPlaceSigns

I did not paint most of the wood…this one was just a mistake.

But I did write things on the arrow shaped pieces of wood!

From RusticPlaceSigns

Places Where The Hub and I have Lived Together!

From RusticPlaceSigns

With fun extras!

From RusticPlaceSigns

Now, Do You Get Where I am Going with This?

If Not, Here You Go!

From RusticPlaceSigns

There is one extra “Place” and that is all I will say about that!

From RusticPlaceSigns

This if the view from the side yard close to our garage. It is not fully noticeable from the street.

Yet, I feel vindicated.

In one of the photos, you can see our back patio. I noticed from there you only see the back of the signs.

So next step is making signs of places The Hub and I have visited together that we love.

San Francisco and San Blas signs are already made.

Now Need more Pallet!

From RusticPlaceSigns

I do not believe in keeping quiet and ignoring bad things/people.

A good way to fight anger and bad people/things is with love, happiness and humor.

There are times we must be creative on how we stand up!

This is How I Creatively, Funnily, Happily, Lovingly and Passively Aggressively Stand!

Hope it made you smile!

I have made other things from pallets and other old items.

Some of them are for sale as well as vintage/antique old things at Our Own Big World!



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