Yes, I wrote, “Chain”delier!

A Chandelier….

From CHAINdelier

Made from Chain!

The idea started out with Old Chain.

From CHAINdelier

But I ran out and added some new chain which added something shiny…

Which this girl always like!

From CHAINdelier

There was a lot of chain cutting…

Which had to be done in different sessions due to my dainty girl-man hands!

From CHAINdelier

And then there was attaching…

Triple attaching at that!

From CHAINdelier

Metal Rings, Glue & Wire…

Makes for a strong Chaindelier!

From CHAINdelier

And since this girl is distracted by shiny things…

I decided to add more of it!

From CHAINdelier

Using Vintage Chandelier Crystals…

From CHAINdelier

And Beads!

From CHAINdelier

And there you have it!

A Long and fun process.

It does not have a light in it as is, but I have the fixture to put in it at any moment!

I can be yours …  The Chandelier @ OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

Some extra shine for your holiday season!




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