Or someone like me will find it!

On a recent walk-about in nowhere Florida, my husband and I stumbled upon a skeleton!

No worries folks…it was not a crime scene.

It was a skeleton of a cow.

We have to believe a panther took it down…a long time ago.

And then of course the ever-present Turkey Buzzard cleaned it leaving just enough for the Dermestid Beetles do their jobs!

So, I did what every curious, not easily grossed out, crafter would do.


From How To – Clean Skull

Although the panther, buzzards, bugs and even the sun did their jobs really well, it still needed a deep de-bacteria bug cleaning.

And a cleaning I did!

Click on the photos to see “How to Clean a Skull.”

From How To – Clean Skull

Always curious, I explored the inside and this is that I saw…

From How To – Clean Skull

And this….

From How To – Clean Skull

Pretty, huh?

It is now a patio decoration, until I gather the gumption to build it some blinged out horns!



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