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I try…Oh I try…

To share as many “Bits of Love” that I can!

And so can you!

Although this was a couple of months ago…

I am sharing it with you now!

For Jim’s Private Holiday of The Nine Days of Valentineka, I gave him a heart of some for every day I have loved him.

Cool idea? Yes!

But…Many hearts hang about!

And in my situation, some of these were candy hearts!

I could not let them go to waste…so I turned them into little bundles of love for random St. Valentine’s Day gifts!

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1) Package Them!

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2) Add a nice message!

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3) Put them in a cute Valentine’s Day Fairy Random Gift Giver Bag!

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4) Walk about town giving out “Little Bits of Love” to Random People!

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5) Okay the Marketer in me had to do it…

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Now this next bit of love is still a bit secret…so I will get around it hopefully without giving it all away!

No worries…I will write all about it later!

This “Bit of Love” comes in the form of greeting cards!

I could have bought them, but to make this project all a bit more personal…

I gathered up supplies and made some cards!

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Nothing says a greeting card like…

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Vintage Buttons!

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Or metal bits and pieces!

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And shiny things!

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And anything cute and glue-able!

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Speaking of glue!

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Can tab and vintage button flower card!

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Metal widget card!

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Metal “watchamacallits” falling flower card!

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The Sparkle Sprinkle Card!

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Owl on a Branch Card!

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Sun Shiny Day Card!

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Large Shiny Snowflake Card!

From BlogPhotos

Let’s Go Sea Card!

And last but not least…

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The “Here Piggy Piggy” Card!

These “Bits of Love” were sent out and we will see what comes of them….

And then I will let you know!

Patience, My Dear Friends, Patience!


It is easy to send/spread/give “Bits of Love!”

It not only makes someone else feel good…it makes you feel good!

And one does not need to make things to do it.

An email, phone call, Facebook hello, card in the mail…

All so easy, yet people make excuses all the time.

Try It, You’ll Like it!

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