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I am going to Do Something Crazy for Good, as in Giving Back Kind of Good.

Oh, The Good All My Crazy Could have Done in my Past.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like the Time I Went for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in New England.
Okay, Okay, This one was tethered down, but it did  Go up Around 12-15 Stories!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Or Like the Time I Talked Jim into Parasailing with me on my Birthday in the Bahamas.
Well, It was not So Crazy for Me, But Talking “Fear of Heights” Jim into my Crazy.

Okay, here is it…

I’m Taking The Plunge.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not a Bungee Jumping Plunge.

Been There and Done That in Australia!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not Plunging into the Deep Blue Sea.

Although I will Do that More for Sure!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

No, Not Doing the Trapez…Again!

Once in Brattleboro was Enough!

Drum Roll Please.

I am doing…
The Respiratory Health Association Skyline Plunge!


Before I tell you what that is exactly, Please Read Why I am Doing it.

I am Raising Money for an Organization that Supports a Health Issue that is                           Near and Dear to Me.

I suffer from 2 Respiratory Diseases.  

I take daily meds twice a day and have had 3 surgeries, But…

I do Not Let Those Ailments Keep Me From Being Crazy.

With Money for Research for Respiratory Health Issues I  now can be as crazy as I wan to Be and Still Live!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

And No, It is Not Another Zip Lining Adventure like this one I did with my nephew in Honduras!

It is Kind of Like Something I have Done before. A Long Long time Ago.

In college I Rock Climbed, I Dropped Down Caves for Exploration, and I did and led High Ropes Courses.

But…It’s not exactly any of these that I am going to do for this Plunge.

It is the Rappelling Part.

I will be Rappelling Down the Side of The Wit, a 27 Story Hotel, in The Loop Downtown Chicago!

Yes, I Will Be Dropping Myself Slowly down 27 Floors on a Rope!

Told You I was Crazy!

But I do Crazy Well.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like Surviving Crazy Ass Honduran White Water Rafting with my Teen Nephews.

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Like Surfing at 45 years old…for kind of…the first time!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

Snowmobiling at 50.

Okay not that crazy, but the trails were tight and rough so it was for exciting!

From PlungeFundraisingPhotos

And I even trusted Jim to lead a pack of Dogs while I relaxed on the Sled.
Now, I am just reaching for straws.

If I only had photos of the the horrid drug boat “ferry” ride from Honduras to Belize, My Rock Climbing in the Days of Less Safe Equipment, Dropping down into 200 foot Dark holes to Cave explore, hitchhiking with a Scot in Australia, Finding out I was swimming in the Amazon Jungle with Candiru (fish that swim up your urine stream), Running into Tear Gas in Venzuela because I wanted to take Photos of the Student Protests, Hiking in Malaysia Through Leach Invested Water and Jungle and Actually finding a Leach on me (they are quite cute before the suck your blood),  that time when the “captain” of the small dory boat said he can make it to shore in the storm which in the long run he did not, Jumping off 30ft or higher cliffs into rapids because the locals did it, of course tandem skydiving, And I could go on.

Although, I could show you After photos of my 3 Respiratory Disease Surgeries…

But I will Spare you Those!

Back to the Matter at Hand, Please Donate to my Fundraiser.

Any Amount at All Is so Very Highly Appreciated!

To Learn More and to Donate Click Below: If this does not work, please copy and paste!


Photos to Follow after the Event on May 22, 2016!

I Thank you in Advance!



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