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Nothing says the Holidays to me…

Like a Good Table Scape!

From Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Dining Room Table…

Before the Food!

From Thanksgiving

Bits and Pieces details of it all!

I got the vintage frames from thrift stores.
I dipped into my collection of paper (some of this paper is handmade from over 20 years ago) for the leaf and backgrounds.
I printed out a maple leaf template to use as stencil.
I cut the paper and then put it all together!

From Thanksgiving

I got the pressed glass cuties from a thrift store…all for 25 cents each.
Two small bowls and 4 cordial glasses = $1.50 !!

From Thanksgiving

Bag of Fresh Cranberries from the local grocery store!

From Thanksgiving

Leaves that got caught up in stuff when we recently moved from Vermont!

From Thanksgiving

Plain plates with clothe napkin wrapped silverware held together by twine surrounded by a few cranberries!

With a mix of vintage crystal wine glasses and vintage cocktail (ahem, water) glasses from our own large collection of glasses.

From Thanksgiving

And the centerpiece of it all…THE WHEEL!

I know you want to know about it….

Don’t you?

From WakefieldWhell

Since I love old rusty metal things, I fell in love with it at an auction!

But we  had no idea what it was…

As I like to do, I researched it.

From WakefieldWhell

Low and Behold…it was not the antique fly fishing line (made of silk back in the day) dryer that I first thought!

From WakefieldWhell

After some help of an awesome online stranger…

We figured it out!

From WakefieldWhell

Thanks to that logo in the center!

The initials are HW for the Heywood Wakefield Company.  Some of you may be familiar with a furniture company name that is now  hugely popular for it’s Mid-Century furniture. This piece precedes the Mid-Century. Both the Heywood Company and the Wakefield Company were started in the mid 1800’s making rattan furniture.  They merging together in the very late 1800’s., but the name Heywood Wakefield did not take hold until 1921. The main part of this piece is from one of the rattan baby buggies/prams they made in the 1920’s.

From WakefieldWhell

The rest of the story of this piece is based on ideas from photos in a book of the history of Heywood Wakefield.

It is obvious that it is handmade, but it also obvious that it is very well made at that. We believe it was made by workers in the Heywood Wakefield factory to help them feed the rattan into the machines making the rattan furniture.

How cool is that?

Well, we think it is so cool!  That is our story and we are sticking to it!

Until anyone else shares any other info about it with us!

From Thanksgiving

And now on the Christmas Decorating!


If you are looking for that perfect decor piece or holiday gift, check out:  OUR OWN BIG WORLD!




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