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Been building UP a reselling upcycling mostly mid century business. Until I fell DOWN.

I’m making money, but I ain’t no mogul. I did put the money back into the biz for a Shedito Workshop and Showroom. With the broken wrist I had a set back, but on it now!

The broken wrist story: I didn’t just break my wrist, I crushed it. I couldn’t fix, upcycle, refinish, or carry anything for over 2 months But as usual, I have bounced back.

I was at my friend’s 50th surprise birthday party at a roller skating rink. I went around once carefully and told my hub 1 more time around. I didn’t even make it halfway. The thing is…I was once a pretty decent street skater. Age, weight gain, and a shift of body balance screwed me over. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least I was doing something fun!

Now back to business…I went on a picking trip. South Georgia has a yearly 200 mile yard sale. I’ve been to one before in 2015 and it was awesome….this year (off the normal time of year because of the pandemic) it was good but more resellers with higher prices.

Here’s some of what I found, bought, saw and enjoyed.

This is sold already too.
This sold quick!
Squeeee…love it and it’s for sale in my Shopito!
Barn wood
I have to photograph water towers
Did get…but met my hub in Sacramento (state capitol), CA
Hi! Love me some hands!
Some of my pickings.

I’m back to using my wrist a lot, but it’s still in the process of hurting if I use it too much. Doc said that was ok and I won’t damage it. It was a “break” from my vintage reselling work, and now I’m back at it with gusto!

Thanks for visiting…