When I am in my Making Zone, I have been told, “You are in your own little world.” That Zone is my happy place.

My Gnome Little World Blog is where I share that happy.

I make things, I write, I take photos, I work with kids, I travel, I teach, I learn and I see beauty everywhere.  I am an artist, a craftist, a writer, a photographer, a teacher, a learner and sharer.  I may blog about something I made. I may show you the steps of something I made.  I always share photos.  I will share our travels, not all of them, but some of them. I may even share a story or creative writing of sorts.  But mostly it is about sharing ideas, motivating others to create and being happy.

Feel free to ask questions and/or leave comments.

Good Day.


  1. elaine says:

    what a delight!!! your blog has been such a wonderfully inspiring blog with ideas that are your own and not a spin off of everyone elses – ah such a freshness! unfortunately i could not figure out how to subscribe, so if you might help me out and hook me up, i’d so appreciate the help. oh, and if i might ever send you an idea of my own to inspire you in return – it would be my hearts joy!

    • HenderBalz says:

      WOW…what nice things to say! Thank you so much! Ha! I just put in the subsribe/follow/Be Part of OUR OWN BIG WORLD! button on the site! Doh! Do you have a blog? Let me know!

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